Metal garden furniture is becoming highly sought after for modern garden spaces, thanks to the sleek, clean-cut lines that offer a minimalist approach that you can decorate until your heart’s content. But which metal is better for outdoor furniture – steel or aluminium?

Metal Garden Furniture

Metal garden furniture is increasing in popularity and it’s easy to see why. The stunning, contemporary designs are perfect for all outdoor spaces, particularly the modern gardens at the forefront of today’s designs.

Metal garden furniture comes in all shapes and sizes, including garden dining sets, sun loungers, corner sofas, and more. But we know it’s not just looks that make our customers choose garden furniture, so how does metal garden furniture stack up when measured for weatherproof qualities, durability, and comfort?

Each has its benefits,

but one has more benefits

than the others.

Aluminium vs Steel vs Iron Garden Furniture

Three types of metal are most commonly used for garden furniture: aluminium (or cast aluminium), steel and iron. Each has its benefits, but one has more benefits than the others and is what we believe is the best metal for outdoor furniture – aluminium garden furniture.

Steel is cheap, we’ll give it that. However, you certainly get what you pay for with steel. This metal is not very weatherproof and will rust when left outdoors, which can often leave orange stains on your patio or decking that are very difficult to remove. As such, steel garden furniture does not come with a very long warranty period.

Iron garden furniture offers durability but is incredibly heavy and difficult to move around, meaning it’s not very practical. It also heats up quite a lot, meaning it is not very comfortable to sit on in the summer – which is when you would use it most. Yes, most iron furniture will come with padded cushions, but that doesn’t help with armrests or garden tables. Iron can also be a pricey option and is also better suited in traditional garden spaces.

Aluminium garden furniture offers the perfect solution, it is modern and stylish, it is incredibly durable and does not rust, and compared to other metals it does not heat up as severely, so it is still comfortable to sit on during the hot months. It’s not the cheapest metal on the market, but it’s also not the most expensive and is also available in many different styles because of its pliable nature that can be moulded into different designs.

Aluminium Reigns Supreme

With all that being said, it’s clear that aluminium is the supreme metal for outdoor furniture. At White Stores, you will find plenty of weatherproof aluminium available in multiple colours, and designs, as well as aluminium accessories such as firepits and outdoor planters. Plus, much bigger items like pergolas, that allow you to create an outdoor shelter.

This means you can create a garden that flows and matches entirely, be as minimalist or as extra as you like, and be confident in the knowledge that this furniture is long-lasting.

If you want to see our aluminium garden furniture in person, why not visit one of our showrooms to try before you buy.