Garden furniture is now every bit as stylish and practical as indoor furniture, particularly aluminium which offers both modern and classic design. Here, discover the reasons you should choose an aluminium corner sofa set for your garden.

What Makes Aluminium the Perfect Choice for UK Gardens?

Aluminium garden furniture is perfect for climates, like the UK, that are predominantly rainy with a mix of sunny spells. That’s because aluminium is inherently anti-rust. This means that your furniture can be left outside and exposed to all the elements we associate with British weather without damage or corroding.


Low Maintenance Cleaning

Not only is aluminium heavily protected against UK weather, but it is also very low maintenance – especially our powder-coated aluminium ranges. Aluminium rarely needs cleaning, perhaps once or twice a year after a long winter of no use as the aluminium may have gathered some dirt. This is easy to clean. Firstly, remove any cushions and then wash the aluminium surface with a lint-free cloth and soapy water.


Garden furniture is now every

bit as stylish and practical as

as indoor furniture.

Lightweight and Practical

Another key feature of aluminium is its lightweight nature. Easy to pick up and move around, it makes it easy to restyle your garden or store away throughout the winter should you choose to.

But lightweight doesn’t mean fragile or that it will get carried away on the wind. This furniture is still sturdy enough to remain in place and make a substantial impression on your outdoor space.


Strength & Endurance

Aluminium is mostly resistant to blemishes – the odd scratch can affect your furniture, but touch-up paint is the perfect resolution to this – and is ideal for frequent use.

Aluminium can stay outdoors throughout the winter, however, for extra protection we would recommend covering the furniture in colder and damper periods with a weatherproof cover, and always store your cushions indoors.

Why a Corner Sofa Set?

Aluminium corner sofa sets are both stylish and incredibly practical. Lots of aluminium corner sofas are modular which means you can define your own layout as well as add extra pieces if required. This is perfect for gardens of a peculiar shape or for those who like to offer multiple seating areas for their space.

There are plenty of choices in style with aluminium because of its pliable nature it can be made into a lot of different shapes. All styles offer a modern quality as well as comfortable padded cushions which are perfect for sinking into and relaxing in the garden.

Plus, aluminium corner sofa sets can be partnered with stylish firepits to create a dynamic and practical approach to your garden which can be used for longer and for more seasons of the year.


Choosing an aluminium corner sofa set will give your garden a new and modern look as well as being long-lasting and low maintenance.

To choose the perfect aluminium corner sofa set, why not visit our showrooms to test the furniture in person.