Rattan garden furniture is one of the most popular choices of garden furniture on the market. This is thanks to its versatility, weatherproof qualities and availability in a range of colours and styles. However, it is important that both designers and retailers of rattan garden furniture never get complacent with the success of rattan and always look to further their designs and improve the furniture to meet client demand.

Here, we are taking a look at the latest developments in rattan garden furniture to see what is now available on the market that could improve your garden and al fresco dining experience

Ice Buckets

Built-in ice buckets have become a very popular feature for summertime rattan furniture. For a couple of years, some rattan dining tables have been available with a space for an ice bucket and more recently some rattan coffee tables are utilising this same feature.

The ice bucket feature is ideal for keeping your drinks cool and helping to keep your garden party going for longer. Most ice buckets will fit up to 4 bottles of wine or 8 cans of either alcohol or soft drink. All you have to do is fill the stainless-steel bucket with ice and place your drinks in to keep them cool. When the ice melts simply tip the water out and refill with ice or if your party is finished remove the ice bucket and store away.

All dining tables or coffee tables that include an ice bucket also come with a rattan lid that will go over the ice bucket hole and convert the space back into a full-sized dining or coffee table.


Fire Pit Tables

From keeping cool to staying warm, fire pit tables are a popular development for rattan furniture. Many retailers understand that the British summertime can be short-lived, but why should that mean we can’t enjoy our gardens?

So comfortable rattan lounge chairs are now often accompanied by a table that has a handy gas firepit in the middle. This helps to keep you and your guests warm and allows you to use your furniture well into the autumn.

Many firepit tables double up as a standard dining table so that you do not have to compromise dining space when it is needed.

Rattan garden furniture is one of the most

popular choices of garden furniture

on the market.

Rising Tables

One of the latest designs that is furthering the success of rattan garden furniture is that of rising tables. These tables are fully adjustable and allow you to switch from lounging to dining in a few simple movements.

This is becoming very popular as many people are torn between a comfortable lounge area with a smaller coffee table for occasional drinks and snacks or a full-sized dining area. With a rising table you have the option of a smaller coffee table which allows you to lounge and relax, then when you need a larger dining area you can adjust the table for a taller, more formal arrangement.


Rattan Accessories

Rattan accessories have become increasingly popular as they allow you to continue your theme and colour schemes throughout your garden.

The latest developments in rattan accessories include rattan patio heaters which are another stylish way to add extra light and heat to your garden party, allowing you to dine or lounge well into the evening.

With rattan garden furniture always developing, White Stores is pleased to be able to work closely with designers and even offer our own exclusive ranges that combine many of these elements to offer our customers the latest in garden furniture technology.