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If you're looking for advice on what furniture to buy, top tips on garden design and ideas for how to get the most out of your space, you're in the right place! Discover our latest advice and outdoor living tips in the blogs below!

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  1. Introducing the Bella collection: Redefine outdoor luxury

    At White Stores, we are thrilled to unveil our latest innovation in outdoor living – the Bella collection. This exceptional garden furniture range combines elegance, versatility, and durability, providing you with the perfect setup to transform your outdoor space into a space you enjoy spending time in. 

  2. Let's welcome our Jude collection: For low maintenance living!

    Looking for new, stylish garden furniture? But you don’t want the added hassle of upkeep and worried about it aging after just one season? Look no further than our newest addition: the Jude garden furniture collection.

  3. How to Clean Outdoor Furniture Cushions

    Garden furniture cushions are often an afterthought when buying garden furniture but they’re the part you sink into after a long day, they’re the part the kids will wipe their sticky hands on after an ice cream in the sun, and they’re the bit that truly makes the furniture. 

  4. Improving Your Mental Wellbeing with Outdoor Living

    We can all agree that the last couple of years have been tough, and as a result, its affected people’s mental wellbeing. We live in an era where society recognises the importance of mental health and looking after ourselves.

  5. Is This the Best Outdoor Table in the UK

    When it comes to choosing the perfect outdoor furniture for the UK weather, synthetic rattan is one of the best choices for all occasions. It’s weatherproofed, rustproof and long-lasting, making it ideal for our temperamental climate, but what makes this specific table the best in the UK?

  6. Get the Love Island Look with a Gas Fire Pit

    Love Island is the soundtrack to everyone’s summer, it’s all anyone can talk about and we, like everyone else, look forward and enjoy the return of the villa every year. With the villa comes those well-known firepit scenes where all the recoupling and the dumping takes place.

  7. Choosing A Rattan Daybed

    When summer is finally on the way, it means you can start looking forward to relaxing in the garden. As the sun starts to shine, people consider purchasing a sun lounger, as they’re straightforward for sunbathing and take up minimal space.

  8. Creating An Outdoor Living Room For Autumn

    Usually, people cover their garden furniture and close the door to their garden for the autumn months, but with these items of garden furniture you can extend your summer and extend the use of your garden for much longer.

  9. It’s Inevi(table)… You’re Going To Love the Heritage Range!

    Our Heritage collection is named so because it upholds the traditional values of rattan garden furniture – durable, comfortable, handwoven, and stylish. Here, we reveal the key qualities of our Heritage range that make it the perfect choice for your garden.

  10. The Latest Rattan Garden Furniture Designs

    Rattan garden furniture is one of the most popular choices of garden furniture on the market. This is thanks to its versatility, weatherproof qualities and availability in a range of colours and styles. However, it is important that both designers and retailers of rattan garden furniture never get complacent with the success of rattan and always look to further their designs and improve the furniture to meet client demand.

  11. Outdoor Furniture for Holiday Homes

    Whether you rent out your holiday home to others or you have a holiday home that you like to spend your summer in, getting your outdoor furniture right can increase the comfort and enjoyment of time away. Here, we’ve recommended some different styles and materials of furniture that are perfect for holiday homes abroad or in the UK.

  12. 7 Reasons Why Rattan Garden Furniture is the Most Popular Style

    There are many different types of garden furniture available, but rattan garden furniture has consistently been the firm favourite, among businesses and consumers alike, for quite some time. Here, we have revealed why rattan stays on top.

  13. Rattan Furniture's Rise To Popularity

    As specialists in rattan garden furniture we were keen to learn more about where it came from and what makes rattan furniture so popular. So, we’ve delved into the history – and the possible future - of this popular furniture.

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