Usually, people cover their garden furniture and close the door to their garden for the autumn months, but with these items of garden furniture, you can extend your summer and extend the use of your garden for much longer.

The Shelter

To begin creating your outdoor living room, you first need a shelter that will keep you protected from any rain and the cooler breeze. The best form of shelter is an aluminium pergola. This sturdy structure can act as an extension to your home, without the need for builders or planning permission. The opening and closing louvres on our aluminium pergolas are perfect for keeping rain out but also letting in the sunshine in those rare moments of autumn sun. Plus, the aluminium frame is fully weather resistant.


Creating Privacy

A living room is usually private, so to create your outdoor living room you can create extra privacy and shelter with our pergola privacy screens. These screens attach to the framework of your pergola and can be pulled up and down to create open space or a private area that cannot be overlooked.

people cover their garden furniture

and close the door to their garden

the autumn months

The Sofa Suite

A key part of any living room is the sofa suite, and your outdoor living room should be no different – it should be the comfy place you enjoy relaxing on. However, your choice of sofa set is actually much more impressive when it comes to outdoor furniture.

From classic sofa suites with armchairs to corner suites, casual dining sets and more, there are plenty of materials to choose from including rattan, aluminium and outdoor fabric.


The Coffee Table

Whether you usually put your feet up on the coffee table or use it for drinks and snacks, most living rooms have one so make sure your outdoor living room does too! But with your outdoor room, make your coffee table extra special by choosing a firepit coffee table!

A firepit coffee table is not only impressive but gives off plenty of light and heat, perfect for spending time outdoors in the autumn.

Well-lit Room

Outdoor lighting is vital as the evenings draw in, if you want to continue to spend time outdoors. A patio heater is a great way to light up your outdoor living room. Not only does a large free-standing patio heater act like a lamp but it also gives off plenty of heat, ideal for time outdoors.


Finishing Touches

No living room is complete without a flair of personality. You can inject your personality into your outdoor room with garden art, coloured cushions and even an outdoor rug. These accessories will make your area feel cosy and warm, encouraging you to spend even longer outdoors this year.


If you’re looking for inspiration to create your outdoor living room, pop down to one of our showrooms for examples on how to do this well for enjoyable time outdoors this autumn.