Usually, when summer ends people spend less time outside, which means gardens rarely get used in the colder months. However, just because the sun has gone inside and the temperatures start to cool, it doesn’t mean that you need to pack up your garden and stay indoors for another year.

At White Stores, there’s plenty of garden furniture products that make your garden accessible throughout the winter, and here we have covered some of the best.

Patio Heaters

Our range of patio heaters are perfect for keeping the garden festivities going, as their heat and light will bring comfort beyond the warmer months. Ranging from free-standing rattan and digital heaters to parasol heaters, there’s something for everyone.

If you want to host a small dinner party, then our rattan tabletop heaters are a great choice. Simply place them on top of your outdoor dining table or coffee table to add both heat and light to your outside space. There are multiple heat settings controlled by 2 switches which allow you to adjust the temperature. The additional light given off by the heater means that you can not only use your furniture as temperatures drop, but you can also use your furniture well into the evening and still see your guests.

For larger gatherings, our free-standing rattan and Helios heaters will be your go-to choice, with both heaters providing multiple heat settings and low running costs. The Helios has the added bonuses of having dual LED lights, a tip over switch and a remote control.

The parasol heaters are also a convenient choice if you lack space, and they can be suspended via chain from one of our parasols.

Additionally, our rattan heaters are available in brown and grey, ideal for matching your existing rattan garden furniture, as well as being fully weatherproof. The weatherproof rattan base gives you peace of mind and an extra level of safety when using the heater.


Firepits & Firepit Tables

Our range of firepit tables are ideal for use in the autumn and winter because of the brilliant firepits built into the centre of the tables. These firepit tables allow you to enjoy the warming, gentle flames whilst enjoying a wonderful evening meal or relaxing seat outdoors.

Outside of firepit tables, we have a selection of firepits, including aluminium and Glass Reinforced Concrete. Aluminium firepits are completely weatherproof and can be left outside all year round, without weather damage or rust. This makes the furniture ideal for use throughout autumn and winter.

Our great collection of GRC firepits are perfect for winter use, too. Made from sturdy, weatherproof materials, the products themselves can survive harsh winters and are perfectly fine to be left outside.

However, their main benefit is the gentle fire that can burn away and keep you warm when sitting outside in the winter. Whether you opt for a large or small firepit, every option is ideal for adding heat and light to your outside space.

it doesn’t mean that you need to pack

up your garden and stay indoors

for another year.


Whether it’s wet or warm, our stunning range of pergolas are perfect for autumnal and winter weather. They provide shelter, thanks to their louvred roofs which open and close, helping keep out bad weather – from rain to snow.

Their unique drainage system also helps prevent water from pooling, so you won’t have to worry about water dripping through or flooding around the bottom of the legs.

The option of privacy screens can also help protect you from the wind, and with the Titan range the added option of aluminium walls bring privacy and protection.


Storage Boxes

Currently, our storage boxes come in two different options, rattan, and aluminium, with both being ideal for winter use. Rattan storage boxes are weatherproof, meaning they’ll withstand adverse weather conditions and will keep your cushions protected.

When shopping for rattan storage boxes, we advise you look for a box with a weatherproof lining as this will protect your cushions fully. Boxes without this lining will not be fully waterproof or protective of your cushions.

While they’re not completely weatherproof, our aluminium storage boxes are weather-resistant and a good alternative for storage. They’ll protect items from downpours and damp weather, thanks its watertight seal. The box also has a mesh bottom which allows moisture out of the box and prevents your cushions from going mouldy.

However, as mentioned, the box isn’t fully weatherproof, so we recommend storing the cushions indoors during harsher months to protect them from wear and tear.

Rattan Garden Furniture

Rattan garden furniture in general is the ideal furniture to use throughout the colder months. Whether you prefer a sofa set, a dining set, or a corner sofa, all our rattan furniture can be left outside all year round without weather damage.

This is because our rattan is crafted using powder coated aluminium frames and HDPE synthetic rattan. These materials do not rust, crack, or go brittle even when exposed to extreme damp and freezing temperatures.


If you need help choosing your items, we recommend a visit to one of our showrooms where our knowledgeable staff will be able to help you choose your weatherproof garden furniture.