A big question many people have is ‘can I leave my rattan effect furniture outside?’ and the answer really depends on the quality of your furniture but in most instances, and especially for any sets bought from White Stores, the answer is yes.

All About Rattan

Rattan effect furniture is another name given to synthetic rattan. Synthetic rattan is used in the UK because authentic rattan rots in damp conditions and therefore is not suitable to our cold and rainy climate. Synthetic rattan or rattan effect furniture is made using the same weaving technique as genuine rattan furniture, however, instead of the rattan plant, plastic materials are used to create the rattan effect.

There are three materials typically used to create rattan effect furniture and these are, PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride), PU (Polyurethane), and HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene). You will often find that PVC and PU are used on cheaper sets and though they can be left outside you may start to experience brittleness and cracking when left outside during the colder months.

Additionally, these cheaper sets are often made with steel frames which cannot be left outside in wet conditions otherwise it will rust. This is not an issue if you do not mind replacing your furniture often, but it may leave orange rust stains on your patio or decking which cannot be removed. These cheap PVC and PU sets will typically only come with a one-year guarantee.

Synthetic rattan or rattan effect furniture is

made using the same weaving technique as

genuine rattan furniture

Why We Choose PE Rattan

HDPE, commonly referred to as PE is a much higher quality rattan effect material and is the chosen material for White Stores’ rattan furniture. Rattan furniture using HDPE typically comes with a much higher guarantee, often between 5-10 years and will often exceed this warranty if looked after.

PE rattan furniture is incredibly low maintenance and can be left outside all year round without damage. This rattan effect furniture is UV resistant and will not fade in direct sunlight, is resistant to snow and frost and will not crack or go brittle in cold conditions and is also made with aluminium frames which will not rust. These aluminium frames are extremely lightweight and allow you to move your furniture around with ease, but the main benefit is that it is completely rustproof, meaning no orange rust marks on your patio or decking.

If you were to leave this high-quality synthetic rattan outside all year round it will be completely safe, however, if you wish to add even further protection for your furniture, keeping it clean from dirt, leaves and droppings, you can invest in a winter cover. White Stores offers covers that are specific fits for over 80 sets to keep your rattan furniture dirt free.

If you do wish to leave your rattan effect furniture outside all year round, we recommend looking for PE rattan and aluminium frames with a long warranty to ensure that your garden furniture is safe from weather damage.