There are many garden furniture materials out there and if you stick to just one material you may be limiting your choices. However, if you go overboard your garden may end up looking mismatched and messy. Here, we have revealed how to mix & match garden furniture materials in a way that looks effective and practical.

Outdoor Fabric & Aluminium

A mixture of outdoor fabric and aluminium creates a contemporary patio that’ll be the envy of your family, friends, and neighbours. These two materials go hand in hand to create a very chic look, that’ll transform your garden from drab to fab.

The possibilities are endless, as there's a variety of combinations you can have, such as pairing a fabric sofa set with an aluminium firepit or using our lush, fabric chairs with an aluminium dining table. Our fabric range works nicely with GRC firepits, too, as the smooth, glossy material accentuates the softer undertones of the fabric furniture.

Aluminium coffee, dining and firepit tables are the perfect choice for your outdoor fabric set, as you’ll struggle to find outdoor tables made in an outdoor fabric material. The table acts as a statement piece and the colour of the outdoor fabric will match nicely with the aluminium colour frames, creating a visually striking space, and atmosphere that’s both trendy and modern. To also ensure you get the best match, you can use the RAL colour code for the aluminium framework.

It’s fair to say these materials complement each other well, not only in looks but in durability. Both materials are weather resistant, thanks to their industry-leading properties, and they’re undoubtedly stylish, making them the ideal combination.

...if you stick to just

one material you may be

limiting your choices.

Aluminium & Rattan

Combining rattan outdoor furniture and aluminium might not sound like a mixture that would work, however, pairing sofa sets and armchairs with an aluminium firepit is incredibly stylish and helps the rattan to appear more modern.

We recommend sticking to white wash or slate grey for the rattan furniture, as this will achieve the best look as a darker rattan set such as brown, would clash with the colour and finish of the aluminium.


If you need help mixing and matching your garden furniture, we recommend a visit to one of our showrooms where we have lots of different materials on display. We are always happy to move our furniture items around so that you can see what furniture best complements each other.