Creating a picturesque outdoor space that is worthy of the gram, is not only beneficial for racking up those likes but will also create a garden that you are proud of, and an area where you can go to relax. Here, we’ve revealed the best ways to create a picture-perfect patio with the aid of garden furniture and accessories.

"It's like having your living room in the back garden."

- White Stores

An Impressive Seating Area

You want your seating area to not only look impressive but to be incredibly comfortable and well-versed for the British weather. We think our most impressive range of outdoor furniture is our fabric collection.

This outdoor fabric is specially designed to repel water, so that it can remain outside, uncovered, all year round! Thanks to the water and stain-resistant material, you won’t have to worry about it getting messy and it would look just as impressive in years to come as when you first bought it.

Not only do they look stunning, but our fabric sofa collection is incredibly comfortable. It’s like having your living room in the back garden!


A Funky Firepit

Nothing gets likes on Instagram like a firepit table! These outdoor heating elements give any garden a makeover, making it look fresh and modern.

Firepits are perfect for adding a romantic element to your garden as well as being incredibly practical in the fact that they allow you to use your garden for longer periods of the year and well into the evenings, instead of reserving it for a daytime activity.

When you’re not taking pictures in front of the stunning flames, you can cover the firepit section and expand your table space for drinks and snacks.

Discover Private Zones

You can make your garden appear private with a pergola and privacy screens. These temporary structures are the perfect area for adding a hot tub or small outdoor pool – it doesn’t get more picture-perfect than that – and keeping your space private from the nosey neighbours.

Our stylish aluminium pergolas look incredibly modern and sleek, and don’t look bulky or overbearing which makes them the perfect addition to any patio space.


Creating Peaceful Surroundings

When you're outside relaxing, the perfect way to add peace and serenity to your garden is with a water feature. The sound of running water can create a perfect ambience, ideal for relaxing outdoors.

Additionally, many of our water features come with light-up features which create a stunning look in the garden as well as extend the time you can spend outdoors by lighting up your space.

If you want to create a picture-perfect garden, visit our showrooms and check out our Instagram and Pinterest pages for inspiration.