With Valentine’s Day coming up, we’ve revealed all the ways you can create a romantic date setup in your very own garden, away from the crowds of people and overpriced steaks in restaurants, using just garden furniture and accessories!

Create a Cosy Atmosphere

We know that Valentine’s Day is in February, which happens to be quite chilly, so you might think that having a date night outdoors is impossible. But that’s where you would be wrong! With our stunning range of outdoor heating such as patio heaters and firepits you can create a cosy and warm atmosphere that allows you to dine outdoors. Plus, what’s more romantic than cuddling up close together for extra warmth, whilst enjoying a glass of wine over the flickering flames of a gas firepit table?

The great thing about the gas firepits versus coal or log burners is that there is no thick black smoke and no nasty burning smell that clings to your clothes – there is just the stunning flame to enjoy, keeping the romance alive.

cuddling up close together

for extra warmth, over the flickering flames

of a gas firepit table?

Dining for Two

Dinner for two is made even more romantic with one of our stylish Bistro sets. The intimate table setting, and comfortable chairs mean you can spend a long time outdoors, gazing into one another’s eyes with a home-cooked meal or a takeaway. Top the table with some candles or outdoor lanterns for that extra dose of romance.

Our rattan bistro sets offer plenty of comfort thanks to their padded cushions and supportive backs which you can completely sink into.

The Perfect Backdrop

To create ambience and a relaxed and serene setting, the perfect garden accessory is a water feature. The gentle trickling of the water evokes peaceful feelings and will make for a very chilled-out and romantic backdrop to your date night.

Plus, many of our water features have lighting built-in, making them perfect night-time features and adding to that romantic scene.


Whether you choose to enjoy Valentine’s Day dining outdoors or save it for a summer date night, you can find everything you need in our showrooms and on our website.