From extending your days to creating an Insta-worthy garden, sitting around a firepit has many more benefits than just keeping warm. Here are the seven reasons having an outdoor firepit table is a good idea.

"The cosy atmosphere and gorgeous flames also create a great backdrop for the perfect Instagram photo."

- White Stores

Extends Your Summer

You can extend your summer and the amount of time throughout the year that you can spend outdoors thanks to both the heat and light that these firepits give off. Especially with a gas firepit, they are smoke free, and you won’t have to worry about upsetting the neighbours with thick smoke and the smoky smell.


Creates A Cosy Outdoor Atmosphere

Whether it’s just you and your partner, or you’re hosting an evening garden party, firepits can become the focal point for you all to sit around and spend quality time together until the early hours. Plus, with our firepit tables, you have space around the edge of the firepit for drinks and snacks, allowing you to remain outdoors for even longer.

The cosy atmosphere and gorgeous flames also create a great backdrop for the perfect Instagram photo!


Firepits Light Up The Night

Firepits are great for adding warmth once the sun has gone down, but they also add ample light to your garden, offering a warming glow and allowing you to stay outdoors for longer. Plus, as you don’t have to plug them in, they won’t ramp up the electric bill!


The Days Will Last Longer

Even as the evenings draw in quicker and the sun starts to set pre-6pm, with the addition of a firepit adding light and warmth to your outdoor space, you will feel like you’re still enjoying the height of summer.

Helps You Relax And Unwind

Life can be busy and stressful, so taking a few moments to enjoy the peace of the outdoors, the soft movement of the flames and a gentle warmth can allow you the time to forget all the stresses of the day, helping you to relax and unwind. The effect of spending time by the fire is known to help people become calmer and more sociable, even causing blood pressure to drop!


Cheaper Than An Extension

Firepits are perfect for creating an alfresco lounge area that can become an extension of your home, without the expense of building and physically extending your indoor space. They provide the perfect focal point for any outdoor seating area and look best when surrounded by outdoor sofas.


Control Your Settings

With one of our gas firepits you are able to control the flame height and therefore the heat generated, giving you complete control over your outdoor temperature.

To view our firepits in action and test the heat they give off for yourself, visit one of our showrooms for a demonstration.