Firepits are the must-have garden accessory for 2021. Here, we’ve looked at how our range of gas firepits compare to traditional wood or coal burners.

But with so many firepits to choose from and so many different types of firepit available, how do you choose? Below, we have reviewed the benefits of one of our smokelss gas firepits over a wood or coal burner.

"Weighing up the pros and cons we believe our gas firepit tables are definitely the way to go."

- White Stores

Gas Firepit Pros

No Smoke - without burning wood or coal there is no smoke which makes it a much more pleasant environment to sit around without feeling like you are choking on black smoke.

Permanent Feature - These firepits can become a permanent focal point for your garden and are often more attractive features that come in a range of materials and designs as opposed to a standard metal that can withstand the burning of wood.

Aesthetically Pleasing - Because these features can explore different materials, they are more aesthetically pleasing than a traditional fire bowl. Additionally, with the addition of crushed glass or lava rock, the appearance is improved even further when compared to the look of burning wood.

Adjustable Heat - With a gas firepit you are in control of the temperature, turning it up or down as you see fit. Whereas with a wood or coal burner there is one temperature: hot.

Dual Purpose - A gas firepit table works as that: a table. This means you can keep drinks and snacks within arm’s reach as well as enjoying warming flames.


Gas Firepit Cons

Smell - Gas can be smelly. However, the smell doesn’t cling to you for days afterwards like with the smell of burning wood.

Running Time - The running time will vary on the size of the firepit. All of our gas firepit tables require a 5kg tank of propane patio gas. This will require refilling and the consistent burn time is between 4 to 6 hours.

Wood Burner Pros

Cheap To Run – Wood or other burning materials are fairly cheap to acquire, although they need to be because you will burn through a lot in each sitting.

Traditional Appeal - These firepits offer a very traditional appeal thanks to their hypnotising large flames.


Wood Burner Cons

Smell – The smell of burning wood will cling to your clothes and linger in the garden for days after use.

Smoke - The thick black smoke produced by this type of burning is not enjoyable to sit around and is extremely damaging for the environment.

No Control - You can’t control the heat with ease, instead you must judge the level of wood needed to increase or decrease the height of the flame.

Limited Design - Wood fire bowls are limited on design as they have to be made from select materials that can withstand the temperature and the smoke stains.

Weighing up the pros and cons we believe our gas firepit tables are definitely the way to go. But if you need convincing, come see them in action at one of our showrooms across the UK!