If you’re looking for something new and modern to improve your outdoor space, making it more stylish as well as practical, look no further than these great outdoor firepits.

A firepit is a brilliant way to improve your outdoor space. This is because a firepit increases the amount of time you can spend outdoors as you will feel warm and comfortable even in colder temperatures. Additionally, a firepit can become a great focal point of your garden, encouraging you and your guests to sit in a certain area and the eye to be drawn to a certain space if you are showing people around your garden.

Gas Firepits vs. Coal/Wood Firepits

There are many types of firepits available on the market including gas fire pits or those that require you to fill with coal or wood. We are firm believers that the best type of firepit available is a gas firepit for many reasons. Firstly, a gas firepit does not require you to maintain the fire whilst it is in use, having to constantly top up with extra wood or coal can be a real hassle if you want to sit and relax.

Secondly, coal and wood firepits generate much more smoke which can be hazardous to some users and also smells awful, with the smell lingering on your clothes for a long time. Gas firepits are much cleaner and simpler to use, which is why they are our recommended option.


Coffee Table Firepits

One of our favourite type of firepit is a gas firepit that doubles up as a handy coffee table. These stylish designs complement any kind of garden furniture but look especially great when combined with outdoor fabric or aluminium garden furniture.

Sitting around these firepit coffee tables, you will be able to keep warm by the gentle flames and also control how strong the flames are with the easy-to-use control panel. Plus, you will have plenty of space around the edge of the firepit to keep drinks and snacks on hand to feed you and your guests.

look no further than these

great outdoor firepits.

Firepit Vases

If you’re looking for something that is more of a design element for your garden, then a firepit vase is an attractive solution. Whilst it is less practical than a firepit table, as there is no space to put food and drink, if you already have a place for this stuff, the firepit vase is ideal just to sit next your furniture looking great and generating plenty of heat to keep you warm.

Plus, with many firepit vases there is room to store the gas bottle inside, so it takes up less space and does not become a trip hazard.


Rattan Firepit Dining Tables

If you don’t already have garden furniture for a gas firepit to accompany and you prefer the look of rattan garden furniture, we recommend a rattan firepit dining table. These dining sets are brilliant as you can sit around the table and enjoy the warming flames but on the occasions it is too hot to use the firepit or you simply need more dining space, you can cover the firepit area with the lid provided and use it as a standard dining table.

Rattan Firepit Casual Dining Tables

Like the firepit dining sets, these /garden-furniture/lounging/garden-sofas/corner-dining?table_style=Gas+Fire+Pit are brilliant for offering a space to dine as well as warming flames. However, a casual dining set is much less formal and often more comfortable to spend longer periods of time outdoors, giving you the best of both worlds to relax and dine by the fire.


If you would like to see our firepit tables in action, we recommend a visit to one of our garden furniture showrooms situated throughout the UK.