The expression, ‘not a want but a need’ has never been more accurate than when describing our aluminium firepits. Here, we’ve delved into the 5 top reasons you need to add an aluminium garden firepit to your outdoor space this year.

Year-Round Garden Use

We’ll start with probably the biggest benefit of any firepit, extending the use of your garden year-round by adding both heat and light to your outdoor space. As the winters seem to be getting colder and, as this year indicates, taking longer to move into spring, an outdoor firepit is the perfect addition to any garden so that you don’t have to rely on warmer weather to get outside.

Specifically, an aluminium gas firepit is perfect as you don’t have to burn wood or coal, meaning you and your clothes don’t smell like a bonfire each time you use your firepit. Additionally, aluminium is a much more weather-resistant option than other materials like MGO or GRC and can be left outdoors all year long without storing it away or covering it up.


You're In Control

Another reason aluminium firepits, specifically, are a great choice for your garden, is the fact you’re in control of the settings. Want a high flame to keep you warm on a winter’s evening outdoors? Crank up the heat! Want a small flame that takes the edge off the spring breeze? Turn it down a little. You’re fully in control with an aluminium gas firepit, versus a wood burner firepit where you have to guess how many bits of wood to add and continue to feed the flames to keep you warm.

Firepits give the garden a lift

– even if you change

nothing else in your garden.

Safety First

We know that a concern for young families or those with pets can be the safety of an outdoor firepit. With an aluminium gas firepit table, you’ll find the safety features are well thought out. Our aluminium firepits come with a glass wind guard which will protect little hands or paws from going into the flames. Additionally, our aluminium firepit dining tables and coffee tables are safe to use as a table even when the firepit is in use as the system will prevent the table from getting too hot to touch despite the hot flames – giving you the perfect combination of safety and usability.


Encourages Family Time Outdoors

True of all firepits, they encourage families to spend time outdoors together. The novelty of roasting marshmallows or drinking a hot chocolate as a family outdoors, by the warming firepit flames, will never wear off. The beauty of a firepit over standard garden furniture is that you can enjoy the outdoors all year and not just in the summer which encourages you and your loved ones to get outdoors more, breathe in the fresh air and enjoy quality time as a family. Whether you go for a dining firepit table, or a sofa set with firepit coffee table, we can promise you’ll increase time outdoors.

It Looks Incredible

We don’t mean to brag but aluminium firepit tables look incredible and we can guarantee it will be the envy of your friends and family. Firepits give the garden a lift – even if you change nothing else in your garden – they will add a luxurious feel to your outdoor space.

So, now you’ve heard 5 of the top reasons to add an aluminium firepit to your garden, why not experience one in person? Visit one of our showrooms today to feel the heat for yourself.