Whilst we assume that all garden furniture is suitable for use in high heats, considering that’s the time we want to use it most, some furniture types are much better than others for use in high temperatures, high humidity and summer conditions.

While lots of furniture is advertised as withstanding sun and wind, if you live in a humid area, moisture can be a killer of garden furniture. Here are the best recommendations for a humid environment:

Wood Garden Furniture

Hardwood furniture like cedar or redwood is ideal for humid locations because they are naturally resistant to water and insects – things that come with humidity. However, softwoods like pine would need to be treated to prevent the wood from swelling or warping under these conditions.


Rattan Garden Furniture

High-quality HDPE synthetic rattan garden furniture is highly weatherproof and, made with powder coated aluminium framework, meaning that it is immune to rust and moisture. Plus, it is not at risk from mould or mildew which is a killer of some garden furniture materials in humid conditions. We do recommend regularly wiping down your rattan in high humidity areas to prevent staining from constant moisture exposure.


Stainless/Powder Coated Steel Furniture

Some metal is often prone to rust, but stainless steel or powder coated metals are able to withstand heavy humidity and the moisture that comes with it. Powder coating is often used for the framework of other materials like Rattan.

Some furniture types are much better

than others for use in high temperatures

high humidity and summer conditions.

A lot of garden furniture like metal, plastic and iron heats up severely in high temperatures making them uncomfortable to sit on and use in the summer. Here are the best recommendations for use in high temperatures:

Cast Aluminium Garden Furniture

Unlike other metals, cast aluminium does not get overly hot in high heats making it still useable and comfortable to sit on. Additionally, cast aluminium is fully rustproof so should the weather change at short notice, as it often does in a British summer, this furniture can be left outdoors.


Outdoor Fabric Garden Furniture

Outdoor fabric is ideal for high temperatures, soft and padded fabric is extremely comfortable to sit on in the hottest of temperatures. Plus, the water repelling nature of outdoor fabric means that should you take a dip in the pool, you can still sit on the furniture without worrying about it getting wet.


Rattan Garden Furniture

As well as it thrives in high humidity, rattan garden furniture also thrives in high heats. The furniture can withstand temperatures up to +40°C and remains comfortable to sit on. Plus, like the other materials mentioned it does not matter should the furniture get wet.

If you need help choosing the right garden furniture for your humid or high-temperature space, we recommend a visit to one of our showrooms for top advice and information on each material.