Are you a vintage queen, sophisticated chic or a modern mogul? Find out what your garden furniture says about you and get top tips on buying garden furniture to reflect your personality.

Aluminium Garden Furniture

If you have aluminium garden furniture in your garden it’s clear that you have an eye for the latest trends. You’re probably ahead of the curve and have a sophisticated edge that others look to for inspiration.

Aluminium garden furniture is often sleek and elegant and it’s evident that these are traits that are reflected in your personality.


Fabric Garden Furniture

Outdoor fabric is stylish and connotes the finer things in life. If you have outdoor fabric garden furniture, it’s likely you’re a modernista who knows exactly what they want, enjoys a touch of comfort but doesn’t compromise on style.

Outdoor fabric is weather-resistant and practical but without sacrificing style and comfort. If you’re a practical pioneer who enjoys fine dining, then outdoor fabric is the choice for you.

we recommend taking your

personality into consideration

when looking to buy garden furniture.

Rattan Garden Furniture

Flexible, comfortable and practical, rattan garden furniture is an all-rounder that can fit in anywhere. If you own rattan furniture, you’re likely the type of person to fit into all manner of friendship groups and situations with ease.

The timeless appeal of rattan works just as well in urban homes as it does in country manors. If you’re a no-fuss, no-nonsense type of person then rattan garden furniture is the perfect choice for your outdoor space.


Cast Aluminium

Cast aluminium offers a vintage appeal and classic design that only ripens with age. If you own cast aluminium it says you’re a fan of shabby chic, you’re tenacious and have an eye for the classics that makes you stand out in a crowd.

If you like the vintage appeal and enjoy the classics, cast aluminium is the garden furniture for you

Firepits & Modern Tech

There are many developments in garden furniture to bring it up to date with modern technology. One of these is firepits. The firepit is for those with a fiery personality, who like to live life on social media and love a gossip.

Rising Tables are another modern development and are perfect for those who admire practicality as well as modern living.


Casual Dining

If you own a casual dining set, you’re likely a laid-back, relaxed person who also likes to entertain. The purpose of casual dining is to allow you to do just that.

If you enjoy a comfortable lounge day in sweatpants as much as you love a wild party with friends, then a casual dining set is perfect for both of these sides of your personality.

If you’re looking for new garden furniture, we recommend taking your personality into consideration when looking to buy. If you’re a modern mogul that likes to party, a standard dining set will hold you back from being the real you, whereas an aluminium casual dining set will give your personality a chance to shine through in your outdoor space.

We recommend a visit to one of our showrooms to get a real feel for the different types of garden furniture on offer and find the perfect piece to sum you up.