Looking into the many different brands of garden furniture manufacturers it can be difficult to know who offers the best quality and best range of garden furniture. So, we’ve looked at one of the leading manufacturers in the garden furniture industry and outlined the top reasons you should buy Nova Garden Furniture.

Top Quality Materials

Nova prides itself on its use of only the highest quality materials. This includes powder coated aluminium framework which is not only lightweight and easy to move but also tough and rustproof, as well as HDPE synthetic rattan, weatherproof fabrics and cast aluminium.

These materials ensure long-lasting garden furniture that remains as good as the day it first arrives in your garden.


Lengthy Guarantees

This leads nicely onto our next point of lengthy guarantees. Nova can guarantee the quality of their furniture by offering long warranties on all of their products. The warranty is dependant on the product but some of their furniture, such as the Heritage and Oyster rattan furniture ranges, come with 7-year guarantees, ensuring you can trust your furniture to last.


A Vast Range

Nova offers a huge collection of garden furniture including rattan garden furniture, aluminium garden furniture, and outdoor fabric as well as a wide range of accessories including parasols, barbecues, and firepits.

This means there is plenty to choose from and something to suit every personal taste as well as every garden.

Nova prides itself on its

use of only the highest

quality materials.

Innovative Design

Nova is well known for its innovative design and for being incredibly progressive within the garden furniture industry. For example, where other brands were focusing on teak and wood Nova focused on cast aluminium as it was much more weatherproof, had better longevity and allowed for unique designs.


A Long History

Nova has been known in the garden furniture industry since 1974 and has a long history of success and furniture development. This 40-year history can fill customers with the confidence that Nova is good at what they do and will also be around for a long time should any queries or problems arise.


A Bright Future

With such history behind the brand and with innovation and development still a crucial part of the brand’s growth it is clear that Nova is set to be around for a long time. This means that customers can expect to see brand new and exciting garden furniture sets and accessories that can replace old furniture or become a part of a growing collection that ensures plenty of relaxation time in the garden.

Where can you find Nova projects?

If you’re looking for some Nova Garden Furniture, then we recommend a visit to our Essex showroom where we have plenty of Nova furniture available to view and test. Or, if you are unable to visit us in person, a call to one of our customer service advisors will help you choose your Nova furniture.