When buying rattan garden furniture one of the first considerations is choosing a retailer to purchase from. There are now many rattan furniture retailers both online and in the high street but does everyone offer the same quality of furniture and are you safe with some of the claims retailers make?

You will find many retailers claiming to offer guarantees up to 12 years and whilst some offers are valid, far too many products either will not stand the test of time or, in our opinion, the companies offering these guarantees have not been in business long enough to offer the extension they do.

Our Research

Over the years we have had many potential customers ask us to price match offers from other retailers who claim their products come with extended guarantees. We always research the retailer making the claim and after many years in business, we have a wide-ranging knowledge of other retailers so we know who's claims are honest and who’s are not.

In just the past 2 years we know of over 20 garden furniture retailers who have stopped trading, these include Oceans Rattan Furniture, PKL Leisure, Rondeau Leisure, Lilo Leisure, Oakita, Select Furnishings, Alfresco Living, Brooks Furnishings, Aspire and Garden XL. Some of these companies have started again under different names but some may not honour guarantee claims made against their previous companies. So, in our recommendation it’s extremely important that you as a consumer thoroughly research the retailer you are planning on buying from so you have back up support when and if you need it.

it’s extremely important that

you as a consumer thoroughly

research the retailer.

Your Research

Researching reviews for garden furniture products and companies is a great way of checking that the claims made by the retailer are true and current. An easy and efficient way of checking these claims is to Google the company name followed by the word “reviews”. This will show you a list of reviews previous customers have left against the company.

Unfortunately, you can’t always believe all the reviews you read as some will have undoubtedly been posted by the company itself. However, if you search independent review companies such as TrustPilot you should see thousands of real reviews on the pages of long-standing businesses, left by genuine consumers with real buying experience.

Other accredited review platforms are Google reviews, Yelp and Facebook.

Product Reviews

Product reviews are somewhat subjective as a customer ordering a £199 furniture set will have different expectations from a customer spending £999 so don’t always take the product review as a reason to downgrade your purchasing budget as you could be left unsatisfied.

The best thing to do in all situations is to visit the retailer and see the furniture you are planning on buying first hand so you know exactly what you’re ordering. Searching reviews should be done mid-way through your buying process after you’ve found a product you like but before you have decided which retailer to buy it from.