Whether it’s inside or outside, it’s great to have things organised and tidy. Keeping your garden free from clutter allows you to get the best out of your outdoor space. A garden storage box is perfect for keeping your garden accessories in order.


Years ago, the standard outdoor storage box would be made from plastic, be very clunky and be in awful garish colours that drew attention to the horrid box that had been unceremoniously dumped in the corner of the garden. Now, there are plenty of modern choices that match your garden furniture and complement your garden as opposed to being a terrible eye sore.

"There are plenty of modern choices that match your garden furniture."

- White Stores

Rattan Storage Boxes

Rattan storage boxes are available in plenty of colour options and, most recently on our website, different sizes. These boxes therefore can be selected to exactly match the rattan weave of your garden furniture and never look out of place in your garden.

Thanks to rattan’s weatherproof qualities, the boxes themselves can be left outside all year round without weather damage. Our rattan storage boxes are complete with hydraulic pistons which make the lids soft close, as well as a weatherproof lining that fully zips up. The weatherproof lining is great for keeping out light showers, however, this is not fully weatherproof. We do however sell a weatherproof cover that goes over the box in full to add a watertight layer to the box.

With the cover addition, a rattan storage box is the perfect place to store garden furniture cushions and other garden accessories you would like to keep safe from the rain.


Aluminium Storage Boxes

The latest design for garden storage on our website, aluminium storage boxes are available in different sizing and colours to match your aluminium garden furniture. Our aluminium storage boxes offer a watertight seal and a mesh bottom which allows moisture to escape out of the box and prevents cushions stored inside from going mouldy. However, like the rattan storage boxes, these are not fully waterproof.

Our aluminium storage boxes are also on handy wheels which allow you to move the box from place to place – especially ideal if you like to store the box in the garage but don’t want to make multiple trips back and forth with your cushions as you can wheel the box around, fill it up and then wheel back to the permanent location.

The aluminium framework of the box is fully weatherproof and rust-resistant, so it is designed to be left outside all year round.


Storage Bags


If you don’t have the space for a more permanent storage box, then a great solution is a storage bag. These handy bags can be filled with garden furniture cushions and then stored within a shed or garage to keep them out of the way.

The bags are brilliant for stopping dirt and dust from ruining your cushions when not in use and are very handy for moving from one location to another.

If you're looking for handy garden storage solutions, we recommend visiting one of our showrooms to see the boxes for yourself and check which size you require to fit all of the cushions from your garden furniture.