Most of our garden furniture comes with padded garden furniture cushions to ensure that your furniture is comfortable and stylish. However, not all of these cushions are the same and require different maintenance to keep them looking new and to keep your furniture looking great. Know your cushions and know what they need by using this great guide.

"The padded cushions on our Nova furniture is of top quality to ensure you can sink into your furniture."

- White Stores

Nova Garden Furniture Cushions

The padded cushions on our Nova furniture is of top quality to ensure you can sink into your furniture and enjoy sitting in comfort. We have tried and tested our Nova Outdoor Living cushions and know that spilled water will dry extremely quickly and stains from melted chocolate, fizzy drinks, and wine can be cleaned instantly with a mixture of water and fabric cleaner.

However, rainwater can make the cushions dirty and will take a lot longer to dry so if you know it is going to rain, a heavy downpour, we recommend storing the cushions indoors. But a light shower will dry in roughly 30 minutes. Plus, if the cushion covers do get dirty they can be unzipped, and machine-washed on a low temperature.


Maze Rattan Cushions

Similar to the Nova Outdoor Living cushions, cushions from Maze Rattan need to be stored indoors when not in use or when it is going to rain. They are padded for your comfort and can be unzipped, and the covers can be washed on a low temperature.

If cleaned immediately, spillages will not leave a stain and the cushions will dry within 30 minutes from a light downpour.

4 Seasons Outdoor Cushions

Padded cushions from 4 Seasons Outdoor are made from acrylic fabric which is resistant to both sunlight and rain. Therefore, the cushions will not fade in colour when left outdoors and rainwater will dry quickly leaving no water damage or stains to the fabric. 4 Seasons fill their cushions with Reflex Foam Fillings, this allows the cushion to contract and expand, ensuring it maintains its original thickness and comfort for years to come.


Alexander Rose Cushions

Garden furniture cushions from Alexander Rose are made with Premium Olefin which is resistant to shrinking and staining as well as being rot and fade-proof. This means that the cushions can be left out in adverse weather conditions.

However, these cushions cannot be dry cleaned, ironed, steamed or tumble dried and can only be cleaned with a solution of mild detergent and lukewarm water in a ratio of 1:16. We recommend allowing the cleaning solution to sink into the fabric before rinsing thoroughly and air drying.

Sunbrella Cushions

Sunbrella are experts in outdoor fabric and therefore these cushions are made using a material that can be left outside all year round and is completely water and stain-resistant. Being water repellent, when wet these cushions repel the water so that it beads and runs off. Plus, stains like fruit juices and chocolate can be cleaned instantly using a solution of bleach, mild soap and water.


Hartman Cushions

On their latest ranges of aluminium garden furniture, Hartman has developed ‘Weather Ready’ cushions. These thick padded cushions are completely weatherproof and can be left outside all year round.

The cushions are UV protected, meaning they will never fade and are fully waterproof ensuring that water runs straight out of the cushion keeping it dry.

If you need advice on how to treat or clean your cushions, feel free to contact one of our helpful sales advisors or visit us in-store for a demonstration.