Garden storage boxes are handy for many reasons, mostly storing garden furniture cushions and other garden items when not in use or throughout the winter months, but there’s one thing you all want to know…are outdoor storage boxes waterproof?

"Thanks to the materials and colour options available, there should be a storage box to match your garden furniture perfectly."

- White Stores

Storage Box Materials

There are a lot of storage box materials on the market, the three main materials are synthetic rattan, aluminium, and plastic. These materials offer many weatherproof qualities; for example, synthetic rattan is particularly resistant to frost, and UV damage, and the material itself is fully weather and water-resistant. However, a rattan storage box is not fully waterproof and heavier showers may get through to the contents inside.

Our rattan storage boxes are lined with a weather-resistant lining, however, to increase the protection of items inside we would recommend a weatherproof cover. This will add an extra layer of protection – but through particularly rainy periods we would still recommend storing cushions indoors as that is where they will be safest.

Our aluminium storage boxes have a watertight seal and a mesh bottom, allowing any built-up moisture from damp conditions to escape the box, preventing your garden furniture cushions from becoming mouldy. However, this does mean that the box is not fully waterproof in extremely wet conditions.

In short, no storage box – unless it specifically states otherwise – will be fully waterproof as they need to be designed in such a way as to keep your items free from mould. It should protect items in a light shower but not from prolonged damp weather.

Why Should I Buy One?

You might then be asking yourself, then what is the point of a storage box, if not to keep my items completely dry? There are so many benefits to a storage box, including:

• Easy access to garden furniture cushions in the summer – you shouldn’t leave your outdoor cushions on your furniture (not even under a cover) when not in use as they will become dirty and can be caught in unexpected showers and so popping them in a storage box every evening will allow you to grab them with ease when you need them, rather than hauling them from the shed each time.

• Keeps items free from dirt – putting your cushions loose in the shed is not only a hassle to bring them all in and out but it’s just asking for dirt, cobwebs and spiders to make their home on your cushions! A storage box will keep them clean.

• Tidy up the garden – storing cushions and other items in a storage box will keep your garden appearing tidy.

• Keep your cushions dry – (didn’t you just say they weren’t fully waterproof? Yes, we did, but there’s an exception, please read on…) If you have the space, putting a storage box in your shed or garage will not only do all of the above points but will keep your cushions fully dry and protected. With our aluminium storage boxes that have wheels and are easily moveable, you could even keep it in the garden during the summer months and move it under cover/indoors during winter to add that extra protection.

Thanks to the materials and colour options available, there should be a storage box to match your garden furniture perfectly, and therefore they add style as well as practicality to your garden. If you want to know more or see our storage boxes in person, visit one of our showrooms and speak to our knowledgeable sales team.