If there’s anything we know about, it’s garden furniture! And we think you’ll be surprised to know that rattan garden furniture is soon to lose its reign over the garden furniture world with another material becoming king of the garden…aluminium garden furniture. But what makes aluminium the best metal for outdoor furniture?

Weatherproof Aluminium

The crux of all garden furniture for UK residents is, “is this furniture weatherproof?” Well with aluminium, the answer is yes. Unlike other metals, like steel and iron, aluminium will not rust in the damp conditions we experience in the UK, particularly when it is powder-coated in an industry-leading AkzoNobel powder-coating technology (recognised as the best in the world) such as our aluminium furniture is.

Additionally, other metals can become unbearably hot in the summer months – not ideal when that’s the time you want to actually use your garden furniture – whereas aluminium stays relatively cool in comparison. Of course, we’re not saying it doesn’t warm up – any material will when left exposed to direct sunlight – but it means you’ll still be able to sit on it comfortably, especially when we include comfortable padded cushions so you’re never directly sitting on the aluminium itself.

aluminium is the best

metal for outdoor furniture

Practical Outdoor Furniture

In addition to its weatherproof qualities, aluminium is highly practical thanks to its lightweight nature and many different designs. Being lightweight is a feature that many overlook when choosing garden furniture, but when you’re chasing the sun around the garden or want to store your furniture away, it being lightweight is a very important aspect. Other metals used for garden furniture, such as steel and iron, are much heavier and more exhausting to move.

Plus, with it being such a pliable metal, it is possible to create many styles and shapes with aluminium so the options for garden furniture are extensive. You’ll be able to find all of your favourite patio furniture designs including corner dining sets, rising tables, firepit tables, round dining tables, rectangular dining tables, parasols, and even pergolas. With so much choice, you can kit your whole garden out in matching aluminium designs.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Thanks to all of its different styles, colours and designs, aluminium is one of the most aesthetically pleasing metals, particularly for modern gardens. It is also easy to wipe clean which is ideal for outdoor furniture. Our grey and white aluminium ranges match any colour which means you can style your garden to your own personality with vibrant or neutral scatter cushions, plant pots and painted fences without worrying about whether your furniture will clash.

In short, aluminium is the best metal for outdoor furniture, and it is also predicted to become the most popular material for outdoor furniture, as a whole from this year onwards, so make sure you’re on trend and choose aluminium for your garden. Visit one of our showrooms to see our aluminium in action!