Rattan garden furniture is a popular choice for gardens in the UK which, thanks to the UK weather, means a lot of people are asking “Can rattan furniture get wet?” As always, we have the answers you’re looking for!

"Synthetic rattan is much more durable than natural rattan and will therefore last much longer in the UK climate."

- White Stores

Synthetic Rattan

Rattan garden furniture in the UK will never be natural rattan as natural rattan – made from natural abaca (palm) strands found in the jungles of South East Asia – rots in damp climates (no good for UK weather). So instead, rattan patio furniture is made from synthetic rattan which will either be PVC or PE – both forms of very pliable plastic that can be used to create many different shapes of furniture as well as available in lots of colour choices.

Synthetic rattan is much more durable than natural rattan and will therefore last much longer in the UK climate.


PE vs PVC Rattan

There are many differences between these materials; one is far superior to the other. PE is the most durable choice for rattan garden furniture because it is fully weatherproof UV protected, protected against frost and can most definitely get wet with no rotting or damage to the furniture. PVC is weather resistant and can get wet, though it isn’t as resistant to the cold and can become brittle and snap.

Aluminium vs Steel Frames

When asking whether you can leave your rattan furniture outside in the rain, it is not just the rattan type itself you must consider but also the framework. Rattan patio furniture is made with two types of frames – aluminium or steel.

Aluminium frames are fully weatherproof and will not rust even in damp conditions, however the same cannot be said about steel frames. When exposed to prolonged wet weather conditions steel frames can rust and will leave orange stains on your patio or decking which can be very difficult to remove.


Weatherproof Qualities

White Stores is proud to use the highest quality materials for our rattan garden furniture – HDPE synthetic rattan and powder-coated aluminium frames. This means that our rattan can stay outside all year round and still be as good as it was brand new. To back this up, we offer lengthy guarantees that protect the furniture and give you peace of mind.

We also produce high-quality weatherproof covers, which aren’t required as the rattan is weather resistant – however, it will add an extra layer of protection against dirt and residue left behind by frost or snow, giving you everything you need to make sure your furniture is clean and ready to be used whenever you want to. In short, White Stores’ rattan furniture can most definitely get wet!


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