Rattan garden furniture is thought to be some of the best-lasting garden furniture around but, like many other things, how long it lasts is directly dependent on how well it has been made and what materials it has been made with.

"Good quality rattan furniture does not require much looking after as it can be left outside all year round."

- White Stores

It's all about quality...

Synthetic rattan can come in many shapes and sizes and rattan garden furniture can be made using several different materials including PE, PU and PVC synthetic rattans, steel frames or aluminium frames, and these can have a huge impact on how long your rattan furniture will last.

PU and PVC rattans are typically cheaper and less durable forms of rattan and often only come with a 1-year guarantee, however, if you look after them properly you may get anywhere between 1 and 3 years out of this furniture. But, this cheaper rattan weave is more susceptible to weather damage and can often go brittle and crack.

PE rattan is the highest quality rattan and is incredibly long-lasting. Many sets using PE rattan often have a guarantee from between 5-7 years which proves just how durable this furniture is. Plus, if you look after your furniture you may be able to make your set last even longer than this. PE rattan is famed for its weatherproof qualities and is very resistant to rain, snow, frost and UV rays.

The frames on your rattan garden furniture will have a huge impact on how long your furniture lasts which is why it is extremely important to check this before purchasing. Steel frames are the cheaper option; however, they do rust, and this will have a lasting impact on your furniture. Most good quality rattan garden furniture sets are made with powder coated aluminium frames. Aluminium frames will not rust and therefore this means your garden furniture is likely to last longer.

The weave is also incredibly important, and we would recommend, where possible, to visit a showroom in order to check out the weave on rattan furniture before making a purchase. It is vital that rattan is woven correctly to prevent sagging and movement as, if done incorrectly, this could destroy the look of your furniture as well as shorten its length of use.


Help it last longer...

Good quality rattan furniture does not require much looking after as it can be left outside all year round without weather damage, however, if dirt does build up during periods of little to no use you can easily clean your furniture. To do so, wipe it gently with a soft cloth and very diluted washing-up liquid. Use a small brush or toothbrush to get the dirt out of the weave.

For extra protection of your set, we do recommend a winter garden furniture cover which will protect your set from dirt and dust as well as the elements to help your set last even longer.

We believe that good quality rattan garden furniture, made with PE rattan, aluminium frames and a strong rod or flat weave can last from 5-10 years if looked after. Of course, these high-quality sets can be more expensive, so it can come down to personal preference as to whether you prefer to replace your garden furniture more often with cheaper but lower-quality sets or to pay a bit more and have a longer lasting set that will not need replacing for a good few years.


We urge you to come and check out our quality rattan by visiting one of our showrooms to see for yourself!