It’s official, the heatwave is on, the sun is out and so are we! As a nation, when the sun’s out we like to make the most of the weather, from trips to the local beer garden to barbecues with family and friends. So, in order to make the most of this weather, you need garden furniture that is perfectly designed for this moment and ideal for entertaining. Here is our guide to outdoor entertaining done right:

"If you’re planning regular outdoor dining parties and barbecues, then you want your guests to be as comfortable as possible."

- White Stores

Make Sure You're Sitting Pretty

If you’re planning regular outdoor dining parties and barbecues, then you want your guests to be as comfortable as possible and to offer enough space for all of your guests. We believe that casual dining sets are the ultimate in outdoor entertainment. This is because the sofa or corner sofa provides not only an extremely comfortable place to sit, but a large place for all of your guests. Plus, the casual dining table won’t take up too much space but still offers plenty of room for drinks and snacks – ideal for relaxing in the hot weather.

As casual dining sets can be quite large it is important that you won’t need to find room to store this furniture away in more miserable weather, which is why we recommend rattan casual dining sets. Rattan garden furniture is completely weatherproof and can be left outside all year round without damage.


Keeping Cool

If you’re entertaining then a very important part of being the host is ensuring you have cold beers and soft drinks for people to enjoy, which can be difficult in the heat. However, a garden furniture set with a built-in ice bucket could be the perfect solution to all of your warm beer problems. From bar sets to casual dining tables, there are plenty of ice bucket sets available. Plus, with an ice bucket built into the table, you won’t have that long walk to the fridge, you’ll be able to stay outdoors and enjoy a cold beverage within arm’s reach.

Cooking Up A Storm

If you’re hosting the party then you need to make sure your guests are well fed, and what better way than a British summertime favourite – the classic barbecue. You can cook up plenty of delicious grilled treats with on a BBQ, and we recommend a charcoal grill for a more authentic barbecue taste.


Keeping The Party Going

As the sun sets, that doesn’t mean you will want your party to end. You can keep the party going with a handy patio heater. You won’t have to hunt down and dirty any blankets to keep your guests warm, you can simply flick a switch and the instant heat will feel like the sun hasn’t set at all. Plus, if you’ve opted for rattan furniture, then a rattan heater will match your furniture perfectly.

If you’re going to host a garden party this summer and are looking to revamp your garden for the event, we recommend a visit to one of our showrooms to see our garden furniture and test it in person as well as viewing our range of accessories, ideal for garden parties.