Rattan garden furniture is designed to be incredibly long-lasting, if the furniture you choose is made from high quality materials. At White Stores, we ensure that we only use HDPE synthetic rattan which is completely weatherproof, as well as powder coated frames for a rust-resistant finish, and tempered safety glass for extra protection.

We pride ourselves on the quality of these materials and how they ensure that our rattan garden furniture is extremely long lasting and durable. This durability ensures that our customers rarely have to replace their furniture as it will last for years to come, typically exceeding their warranties.

We regularly get feedback from happy customers, like this feedback from customer Anna Brennan, “My garden furniture that was bought 4 years ago. Still as good now as it was when first bought.” We have also seen many pictures of our furniture posted online from previous customers, commenting on how happy they are.

We believe that customer feedback ensures trust and quality in our brand which is why we strongly advocate all feedback and give our customers the opportunity to send us photos of their furniture and leave reviews on our Facebook and Trustpilot pages.

To evoke trust and quality within our brand, we also have several showrooms located around the UK which allows consumers to visit us, see our furniture in person, test it, measure it and get information about all of our furniture from our knowledgeable sales advisors. We believe that the opportunity to test our furniture, gives our customers confidence in us and our products.

My garden furniture that was bought

4 years ago. Still as good now as

it was when first bought.

Where possible, we always advise testing garden furniture before you buy to ensure that the furniture looks and feels how you envisioned. Though we pride ourselves on our top-quality products, there is rattan available on the market that is not of the same quality. Rattan garden furniture made from PVC or PU synthetic rattan or steel frames are not completely weatherproof. When left outside these furniture types will rust, crack or go brittle, whereas all of White Stores’ high-quality materials can be left outside all year round without weather damage.

Additionally, on all of our own brand, Nova, rattan furniture we are proud to offer extremely stain resistant cushions. Tried and tested using spilled red wine, melted chocolate, a bottle of fizzy drink and spilled water, these cushions could be cleaned instantly and dried within 5 minutes. This gives our customers peace of mind against spills and stains.

All of our rattan garden furniture comes with a minimum warranty of 3 years with some items having warranties as long as 10 years. The warranty of our furniture is dictated by the style of the weave. Our flat weave ranges have a warranty of 3-5 years, our half round weave comes with a 7-year warranty as it is heavier and more durable, and our full rod weave comes with a 10-year warranty as it is the heaviest and most durable type of rattan.

If you require any more information about any of our garden furniture then do not hesitate to contact us, we are on hand to offer advice and information at your convenience