Rattan furniture is incredibly durable and long-lasting and comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes. However, if you have a unique garden shape or a particular spot where you want your furniture it can sometimes be tricky to find the perfect furniture. This is where modular rattan furniture comes in.

Modular Rattan Corner Sofa

Modular rattan furniture allows you to arrange your furniture in a layout that suits your garden and fits your space perfectly. The most popular form of modular rattan furniture is the rattan corner sofa set. Having modular pieces allows you to create a wide L-shaped sofa or a thin L-shaped sofa, depending on the shape of your garden. It also allows you to create separate areas if desired. For example, you could create a smaller 3-piece corner section and a 2-seat sofa for use in separate locations, allowing you to have several areas to enjoy the furniture.

Not only can you use modular furniture to create ideal spaces for smaller gardens, but you can also combine pieces of modular sets for large gardens. If you have a large space that needs filling and often have several guests round to enjoy garden parties then 2 of these modular sofa sets could be used together to create one ultimate set, perfect for all your friends and family to enjoy together.

Rattan furniture is

incredibly durable and


Modular Daybed

Another great modular set is the rattan daybed. Many of our daybeds work by combining a sofa with a large footstool which pushes together to form a daybed. This furniture is modular because when you are finished laying in the sun, you can turn this furniture into a sofa with a separate footstool which allows you to sit with friends and family in a sofa setting.


A huge benefit of modular rattan furniture is that the pieces are made from a powder-coated aluminium framework which is extremely lightweight and makes the pieces easy to move and rearrange when needed. Additionally, rattan furniture is incredibly weatherproof which allows you to leave the furniture outside all year round. This is ideal as you won’t have to find room to store several different pieces of furniture.

Modular rattan furniture is available in many different shapes, ideal for suiting different garden spaces. So, if you have a garden that requires a certain setup then modular furniture is ideal for you.

To view our range of modular rattan furniture and test it for yourself, experiencing the different shapes you can create, we recommend a visit to one of our showrooms.