Garden furniture can be expensive and our needs as consumers often change, one day we may need somewhere to dine and enjoy a perfectly cooked barbecue, another day we might want to relax and put our feet up. So, multi-purpose garden furniture is building the bridge between our needs and our wants by offering us a way to change it into something else.

Modular Furniture

Having discussed modular furniture in our blogs before, we know that modular garden furniture is ideal for changing your furniture’s shape and allowing the furniture to suit your garden. You can also convert modular furniture into separate furniture pieces, giving you multiple areas of comfort in your garden. However, what about furniture that can completely convert into something new?


Rising Table

The rattan rising table is a perfect example of this. The rattan rising table can be converted from a low coffee table to a high-rising casual dining table. Accompanied with a sofa or corner sofa set, this allows you to relax and enjoy a cup of tea and a slice of cake whilst enjoying the sunshine. Or, you could lift the table up and enjoy dining with friends and family around the higher table.

Exciting Ways To Dine

Another great example comes from the collection of Jamie Oliver cast aluminium furniture. Jamie Oliver’s grilling tables are perfect for dining but can also be used to cook food right in front of you, ideal if you’re hosting a barbecue party with friends and family. It means that the barbecue does not have to stand away from the group and miss out on the conversation, everyone can be involved in the cooking process and have access to freshly grilled food straight away. Additionally, these grill sections can be replaced with ice buckets, which means that when the food is finished or on a boiling hot day, you can keep your drinks cool with handy ice buckets within arm’s reach.


Coffee Tables

Another great example of multi-purpose garden furniture comes in the shape of a rattan coffee table. Rattan coffee tables are ideal for resting drinks and snacks, however, if you need space for an extra guest around your dining table or with your sofa set, the coffee table can become an extra seat in an instant, just by replacing the glass with a garden furniture cushion. Additionally, this could be used as a footstool instead of an extra seat if you just want somewhere to put your feet up.

These materials, rattan and cast aluminium, make the ideal materials for multi-purpose garden furniture because they are completely weatherproof and can be left outside all year round which means you don’t have to find space to store the furniture. Additionally, these materials are incredibly lightweight, meaning that they can be rearranged with ease.

These multi-purpose pieces are very efficient and money saving as they save you the trouble of purchasing multiple furniture sets for different needs. To view our range of multi-purpose garden furniture we recommend visiting one of our showrooms where you can test the furniture for yourself.