Creating an outdoor space that fits you is important, and while we live in an era of accessorising and making grand statements with garden furniture, sometimes people strive for a more simple, uncluttered, and functional space.

This is known as minimalism, and it began in the 1960s and early 1970s. This movement originally started with visual arts and music, but eventually grew into how people designed their homes, from interior design to the outdoors.

A minimalist space is about building a setting which has a deliberate lack of decoration or adornment in style or design. So, when making your own minimalistic garden, bear this in mind as it’s easy to add, add, add, rather than showing moderation.

Either way, with White Stores, making a minimalistic garden is straight-forward and stress-free as we have everything you need.

Choosing Colours

A good place to start would be the colours of your furniture. Minimalism isn’t about striking, bold colours, it’s about choosing elegant, neutral colours that gently accentuate your garden.

Our range of rattan garden furniture would be perfect for a minimalistic garden, as it comes in a variety of neutral shades, including grey, white wash, and willow. These colours will go with a wide selection of furniture and won’t compromise how you want to shape your garden in the future.

While the colour scheme is important, so is keeping your space clutter free. Our range of rattan storage boxes are perfect for keeping your patio tidy and as a bonus, they come in the same choice of colours as the rest of our rattan furniture.

Minimalist furniture is

defined by simplicity and

a function-oriented design.

Minimalist Furniture

Minimalist furniture is defined by simplicity and a function-oriented design, which is why our Nova Outdoor Living collections are ideal for a building a minimalist space.

With our garden furniture, you won’t have to buy multiple pieces to achieve the vibe you want, as our sets are purpose built for specific moments. This means you can casually dine with the choice of a rising or firepit table, with both options making different experiences while eliminating the need for an extra piece of furniture.

You can also sit back and relax, with the choice of reclining side pieces or, if you need more dining space, our extending sets are great for that. If you do want something more compact that’ll highlight your patio while minimising the amount of space used up, then our cube sets and smaller dining sets are ideal.

The cube sets are built around their square, glass-topped dining tables and comfy chairs that fold down when not in use, along with footstools that tuck away too. When in use, it’s easy on the eyes while bringing your dining space to life, and when not in use, it keeps everything together and tidy.

Another option would be our aluminium furniture range, as this collection’s sleek lines and shapes create a minimalistic look fitting for a space inspired by a stripped back aesthetic. The colour choice of grey and white emphasises the minimalism while striking a contemporary balance.

Small Accessories To Keep It Simple

Understated pieces that are sophisticated make a terrific addition to a minimalistic layout, as they enhance the area without adding any unnecessary clutter. Pieces such as water features and aluminium planters help by bringing style in a subtle yet noticeable manner.

Our water features collection is extensive, and each feature is made with elegance in mind. However, for minimalists, we’d recommend water features inspired by luxury, contemporary spaces, and art-deco influences, instead of rustic, more traditional designs.

Our aluminium planters also evoke simplicity thanks to their unobtrusive, smooth, and slick shaped designs, ranging from rectangular to round, there’s something no matter the size or layout of your garden.

These planters come in neutral colours too, with grey and a white as your options, so it won’t interfere with your colour scheme. However, the benefit of adding flowers to your outdoor space is the subtle burst of colour they’ll bring, giving you a nice juxtaposition with the rest of your garden.

We hope after reading this blog you’ve gained a bit more insight on how to create a minimalistic garden. Remember, simplicity and restraint doesn’t have to be boring, and at White Stores even the most simplistic and elegant furnishings are enough to enhance your space.

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