Summer is well underway and for many of us, most of our time will be spent outdoors in the garden. However, do you feel like there is something missing from your garden? We think a fashionable water feature can fill that gap.

We’re not talking ponds which often look outdated and can present several hazards, nor do we mean old fashioned statue style water fountains, instead we are talking about the more modern water features which add a touch of style and class to your garden.

Not only are these water features stylish, but they are also incredibly relaxing, and the trickling water sounds can help turn your garden into a calm and serene space to unwind outdoors.

Classic Water Fountains

We love the fact that classic water fountains are exactly what they say on the tin, no-fuss, no fancy show-off features but the simplicity of running water and nothing more. If you’re opting for a classic water feature, we say the bigger the better.

If the water feature isn’t going to demand attention in other ways, then the bigger it is the more of a focal point it can become in the garden. If the water feature doesn’t have any special features and is small, it could become lost in the garden and completely forgotten about.

Not only are these water

features stylish, but they

are also incredibly relaxing.

LED Water Fountains

Allowing your water feature to be more than just a plain water fountain helps enhance your garden. LED water features are perfect for adding an extra something to your outdoor space.

The LED lights will add even more ambience to your garden, especially in the evening and will encourage you to unwind at any time of day, not just during sunlit hours.

Though not bright enough to act as an outdoor light for you to see and eat by, these LED lights are subtle and intriguing and look stunning amongst the bubbling water of the fountain.

Nature-Inspired Water Fountains

Why not make your water fountain part of the scenery? Let it become part of the garden wherever it is by choosing a water feature inspired by nature, with designs influenced by trees and rockeries.

This means that your water feature won’t look out of place and will instead become a part of its surroundings, while boosting the ecosystem too


Water Fountain Care

No matter what water feature you opt for, it will need regular maintenance to keep it working and to ensure the water does not turn green and dirty.

For best results, we recommend replacing the water in your fountain at least once a week and, at the same time, cleaning the feature with a cloth to remove any dirt.


If you need help choosing a water feature for your outdoor space, we recommend a visit to one of our showrooms in order to view these fountains on display.