Thanks to the evolution of outdoor living, it’s never been easier to make an outdoor space feel more homely. Whether it’s bringing your living room to the outdoors with a comfy corner sofa or recreating memorable dining moments with a variety of table styles, our range of garden furniture is perfect for making your outdoors feel like home.

Stay Seated with Style

When you think about being indoors, you think of comfort and practicality. As an example, your living room is a functional space that’s created to live in, an area in which you can spend your time.

For most people, a front room has a sofa, armchairs, and a coffee table, giving you everything you need to enjoy the space you’re in. And while you can recreate that setting outdoors, you could argue that outdoor furniture doesn’t always have that wow factor.

However, with our range of outdoor fabric furniture, you’ll never have to worry about pizazz again. This range features luscious, gorgeous-looking corner sofas which come with the option of stylish, glass-topped coffee tables, armchairs and footstools which embody the range’s chic and fashionable style.

So, while you may have solved the wow factor, you may be left wondering about what happens when it rains? Well, what makes this collection stand out the most isn’t its stylishness and comfort, it’s the industry-leading water-repellent and stain-resistant fabric.

Made in partnership with Sunbrella, our fabric range will repel water, and when it does rain, water passes through the quick-dry foam, with it drying in approximately 30 minutes when exposed to sunlight after any rainfall.

it’s never been easier to

make an outdoor space

feel more homely.

Put Your Feet Up

If you’ve had a gruelling day at work, you’ll want to come home, kick off your shoes and put your feet up. Gone are the days of only having reclining furniture and footstools in your front room, as our sun lounger sets feature incredibly comfortable seating which reclines and gives you the opportunity to rest your feet with our luxurious footstools.

Coming in two material choices, rattan and aluminium, our lounge sets are premium, durable, and unmistakably relaxing. No expense is spared with the soft finishing of the footstools which’ll even make your guests second-guess whether they’re from a leading indoor furniture outlet or White Stores


Bring the Fireplace to You

When people think of being cosy, they think of sitting by the fireplace, or sitting back as the fireplace warms the living room on those chillier nights. But now, thanks to our range of glorious firepits, you can embrace the comfort in your own back garden.

Our firepit coffee tables are made from either aluminium or Glass Reinforced Concrete, both are durable and weatherproof, making them the perfect choice for an outdoor setting. Not only can these firepits be left outside all year round but they extend the usage of your garden by providing much-needed heat and light in the cooler and darker seasons.

Another option is an outdoor patio heater, which similarly acts as both a source of heat and light. Our heaters are energy efficient and expected to last for up to 5000 hours. You can also add to the cosiness by bringing some blankets outdoors too.

Dine Outside

A big part of our lives is dinner time, and most homes have a dining room or a space to dine. We all have memories of that larger-than-life Sunday roast around our grandparents' dining table or sitting there sulking after you realise that your mum hasn’t cooked your favourite meal.

Those moments were usually associated with the dining room, but this has changed over the last few years as outdoor dining has become increasingly commonplace.

With our rattan and aluminium garden furniture ranges, you too can experience the elegance of outdoor dining. If you prefer informal dining, then our casual dining range is just for you, as it features two table styles that are great for dining.

Firstly, there’s the rising table option, which gives you the choice of sitting with your guests while you leisurely eat snacks, or you can prepare your patio for a meal by simply adjusting the height of the table to its higher casual dining setting.

Secondly, if you like having more formal dining occasions, or have many guests, then our extending table option is the most suitable. You can extend the dining area by pulling out the secondary dining table from beneath the original. Both tables are glass-topped, so they’re easy to clean and safe to use.

There are plenty more options to choose from, and dining outside has never been more straightforward.


After reading through this blog, we hope you’ve seen how you can turn your garden into a homely, functional space that’s fitting of premium furniture that’ll undoubtedly turn your patio into a home away from home. Explore more by browsing our website or take a closer look at our collections in person by visiting one of our stores.