Now that summer is here, spending the evening in your garden is a great way to relax and unwind. While the evenings are lighter, having outdoor lighting allows you to make the most of your patio, so rather than sitting outside until 9pm with a drink or two, you can enjoy the midnight summer heat too.

At White Stores, our range of outdoor lighting gives you the perfect opportunity to make the most of your evenings outdoors.

A Light From Above

With contemporary garden furniture there’s no longer a reason to rely on the sun to keep your garden festivities alive. Thanks to our Nova Outdoor Living range, you’ll no longer have to clamber to switch on the fairy lights or hope your solar lights have enough charge.

Once the sun sets, or as the evenings fade from dusk to dark, we have two options that offer light from above. From our pergola collection comes the Halo or Titan Plus range, which emits plenty of light due to its LED lights.

These lights are easily controlled by a remote control and they’re not any old LED lights either, they’re colouring changing. This means you can switch the colour depending on your mood, if you want more traditional lighting, then you can pick white, but if you want to have a party; there’s red, green, yellow, turquoise, pink and every colour in between!

If you don’t have the space for a pergola then don’t worry, as our premium parasol range, the Galaxy, brings the stars to you with its bright LED lights. Each rib of the parasol is decorated with LED lights, giving you sufficient lighting so you can spend time with your loved ones well into the night.

These lights are controlled by a button on the battery pack and come with a rechargeable USB, so you’ll never have to worry about lighting again.

At White Stores, our range of outdoor lighting gives

you the perfect opportunity to make the most

of your evenings outdoors.

Heat, Light, and Ambience

We know that regardless of the time of year, the evenings can get a bit chilly and if it’s nippy, you and your guests won’t want to stay outside. This is one of the reasons we sell firepits and patio heaters, to keep everyone warm and comfortable.

Our firepits and patio heaters do more than that, though, as they give off light and help set the mood. Gas firepit flames burn brightly and illuminate the space they’re a part of, making them wonderful for more intimate moments such as a romantic evening for two, a celebratory glass of champagne or an al fresco dinner.

For moments such as that, the Fireglow range is a good choice, as the modular Glass Reinforced Concrete designs are handy for smaller spaces. Aluminium and rattan firepit tables are fitting for larger spaces, as they’ll enhance larger gatherings and celebrations.

Patio heaters are also an excellent choice for light and heat. We offer everything from parasol heaters to tabletop electric patio heaters. The parasol heater would be a good accompaniment to a cantilever parasol, such as the Galaxy, and can be attached by a chain link. This would give you even more light and should keep everyone content!

Tabletop patio heaters will sit neatly on top of your dining or coffee table and generate a cosy atmosphere for you and your guests to enjoy a casual summer’s evening.

A Bright Spot

Usually, water features are associated with looking quaint and being a source of serenity. We’ve all seen the old-fashioned rustic water pumps or a fairy with a pail of water that trickles gently.

While they’re easy on the eyes and do everything you expect a water feature to do, at White Stores, our water features are made with a difference. Not only do we offer an assortment of designs, but also the choice of brightening up your evenings by providing another source of light.

Our range of LED water features produce a warm white light and include designs that are suitable for a variety of outdoor spaces, from smaller, rustic greenery to art deco inspired gardens. For more traditional spaces, the Wilderness and Memoir evoke a sense of timelessness, whereas the Strata and Cascade collections bring that modern, cutting edge.


Brightening up your outdoor space has never been easier, and hopefully after reading you’ve seen that you don’t need a spell, a sea of solar lights or a tangled bundle of string lights to illuminate your garden. Come and explore our choices of outdoor lighting in more detail by visiting a showroom or reading more on our website.