People are spending more time in their gardens, and with that comes changes in how people use their patio. With outdoor dining experiencing an unprecedented growth during the pandemic, the innovative ways in which people create and use their outdoor spaces has expanded too.

With our range of Nova Outdoor Living garden furniture, we believe you can create something truly unique, such as an outdoor home-cinema space in your garden! Believe us when we say we have everything needed for you to sit back and watch your favourite films outdoors.

Choose Your Seats

When you go to the cinema, usually it’s best to book your seats in advance, otherwise you’ll end up in the front row arching your neck like a giraffe, or worse, stuck between two hot dog loving, popcorn munching film buffs.

Whereas at home, you can choose your seating with ease, without worrying about getting a good view, distractions, or suffering the adverts. Not every cinema lets you choose premium seating either, but at White Stores, each piece of our furniture is crafted with luxury.

For the best home-cinema experience, our sofa and corner sofa sets are an excellent choice for enjoying things on the big screen. From our rattan furniture range comes the Thalia three-seater sofa set, which has two high-backed armchairs, with lavish sloped arms and an undeniably cosy three-seater sofa making it ideal for watching films with the family.

Its coffee table would be a great place for putting your food and drinks, meaning you won’t have to get up mid-way through to get another Coke and popcorn! If you want an alternative to rattan, then the Enna range from our aluminium collection offers a similar set-up but with the addition of reclining sofa pieces.

While we have plenty of sofa sets to choose from, we also have a vast collection of corner sofas, and while they’re all suitable for an outdoor cinema, there are a few we’d like to highlight. The Chelsea collection is a great starting point, as it’s one of our most popular collections. It’s easy to see why, with its modular pieces and accessories such as a footstool and coffee table giving you the freedom to create the layout you want.

For the ultimate corner sofa experience, then consider the Luxor range, which showcases the very best of garden entertaining. One of the Luxor sets includes two curved corner pieces, four modular middle pieces, a left-and right-handed two seat sofa pieces, giving you plenty of room to relax. It also has the option of having a coffee table with a firepit, which is perfect for watching films beneath the starry sky on colder nights.

If you want a different feeling altogether, then our outdoor fabric corner sofa range is a good choice. The Tranquillity collection is some of the very best fabric furniture we have to offer, with its plush seating and stylish coffee table adding the finishing touches to your at home film adventure.

Believe us when we say we have

everything needed for you to sit back and watch your

favourite films outdoors

Lights, Camera, Action

While it’s important to have the best furniture for your garden film-viewing experience, you need the right accessories to take the experience even further. When creating an outdoor cinema, lighting is important so you and your guests can see the film you’re watching.

That’s why our range of patio heaters would be a great choice, because not only do they provide sufficient heat, they double-up as lighting too. Our free-standing rattan electric patio heaters go nicely with our rattan furniture and have an expected heating time of 5000 hours alongside a cheap running cost of 12.6p per hour to run.

If you don’t have rattan furniture, or whether you’re looking for a more contemporary aesthetic, then our Helios patio heater is just for you. With its streamlined design and easy to use controls, this heater will accompany any sofa set, making it the perfect addition.

The 3kW heater has a handy built-in LED light which is ideal for lighting up your garden space. The bulb provided is a dual-light LED bulb that can emit white or yellow light, giving you control of the ambience.

Our lighting options aren’t limited to heaters, as the LED lit Galaxy parasol provides another breathtakingly cool choice. With its high quality and high-density canopy, the Galaxy is ideal for those warmer evenings, and will provide shade if you’re outdoor cinema escapade takes place in peak sunshine.

The Final Scene

You have your seating, heat, and ambiance, now all you need is a dependable shelter that’ll keep you cool and dry, no matter the weather. There would be nothing worse than sitting down to watch your favourite film with family and friends, only for the heavens to open and for the film to finish before it has started.

That’s why our range of pergolas are a great choice for any patio that’s trying to bring an outdoor cinema experience to life. Our pergola range includes the Titan, Proteus, and Halo, with the Titan and Halo having wall-mounted options.

The pergolas will keep you dry thanks to their louvred roofs that can be opened and closed. They’re not just for keeping you dry, either, as they provide shade which will help with keeping you cool, and their privacy screens could help prevent glare while watching a film.

All our pergolas can be used all year round, as they’re made from resistant materials. The Proteus is made from a mix of galvanised steel and aluminium, giving you some resistance to the elements but not making it not as weather resistant as the Titan and Halo. However, it’s still a great choice.

Unlike the Proteus, the Halo and Titan are made entirely from aluminium, and they’re 100% weatherproof. The Halo features a motorised roof and colour changing lights, which is wonderful when setting the scene during moments of drama or suspense in a scary film.