Buying garden furniture is a big decision, as it’s a purchase that’ll be made with several things in mind – your budget, garden size and its purpose. We’ve all been guilty of buying cheap furniture that breaks or isn’t of the quality to withstand all types of weather.

That’s why White Stores’ aim has always been to provide our customers with the absolute best. Even our more affordable products are the highest quality and most importantly, dependable. If you’re looking to change your patio, or buy garden furniture for the first time, then you can trust us to give you the products you deserve.

Our Experience

As a retailer, we’ve been operating for over 15 years and in that time, we’ve expanded and not only become an award-winning company, but a company that has challenged the garden furniture market. We’ve been recognised as an outstanding company by Plimsoll and in 2021, we won the Online Retailer awards, helping us to become one of the most trustworthy retailers.

Working alongside Nova Outdoor Living, our ranges include everything from rattan to Sunbrella fabric furniture. These ranges have been brought to life with our knowledge and understanding of what customers want and need.

We believe outdoor living goes beyond just being outdoors in the sun, which is why we’ve put together a wide variety of collections, such as casual dining sets, sofa sets, sun loungers and even outdoor heaters. We feel our experience gives you the choices to create the best outdoor space possible.

White Stores’ aim has always

been to provide our customers with

the absolute best.

Our Materials

All our products are made from the highest quality materials as we want you to get the most from your furniture. That’s why our rattan furniture is made from aluminium frames and a weatherproof PE synthetic weave, rather than a cheaper PU or PVC alternative.

When it comes to our aluminium furniture, we’ve treated our sets with an industry-leading powder coating called AkzoNobel. This powder coating is considered the best in the world, and makes it extremely weather and rust resistant, meaning it can withstand the Great British weather.

Our Sunbrella partnership was also designed with modern gardens in mind. Our outdoor fabric furniture features a quick-dry foam which allows you to leave it outside all year round. When it rains, the fabric will dry within thirty minutes, and it’ll even endure frosty temperatures!

Our Values

Our company values are built around seven key principals and these principals inform how we operate as a business. We want to ensure we deliver customer satisfaction and that means being innovative. While we strive to be innovative, we also work in a way that is ethical and environmentally conscious.

Our approach to innovation is reflected across our product ranges, from dining furniture to parasols and pergolas. We have various furniture configurations and table options, and we’re one of the few retailers to offer right-handed furniture.

In terms of size, we offer compact and deluxe sets, so regardless of the size of your garden, there’s a piece of furniture for you. We don’t just sell dining tables either, we sell an assortment of table styles, including firepits and rising tables, which gives your dining setting flexibility and extended usage.

We’ve applied our innovative approach to our pergolas and parasols, too. The award-winning Titan pergola features an all-aluminium frame and a double-louvre design which prevents rainwater from dripping or falling from beneath the pergola’s roof. Our premium parasol, the Galaxy, also pushes boundaries with its 360 rotatable design and LED lights.

And while we aim to be innovative, we want to promote trust within our business, so that’s why we work with integrity. Our honest approach is highlighted by our long-term guarantees, premium products, and an open and honest returns process.


We hope after reading this you’ve understood why we believe we’re the best at what we do and why you should shop with us. With our experience, materials and values combined, you can build your picture-perfect garden with a peace of mind. So, why not visit one of our showrooms or website today.