Is your garden looking tired, or like a step back in time? Do you have that one piece of furniture that you really should replace, but haven’t found the right piece? Like any space, your garden needs TLC, and an occasional revamp, especially if you purchase cheap garden furniture.

Thankfully, at White Stores, we have everything needed to revitalise your outdoor space into a place where you can spend countless hours with family and friends for many years to come.

Modernise Your Seating Area

The first place to start when renewing your patio is your garden furniture. Replacing old or tired-looking furniture will instantly brighten your outdoor space.

Where garden furniture is constantly evolving, it’s easy to stay on trend. As an example, aluminium garden furniture and outdoor fabric furniture have been the hottest trends over the last few years. Aluminium furniture looks effortlessly modern thanks to its sleek, minimalistic design with striking elements such as angled armrests and a contemporary, matte finish. Whereas fabric furniture is eye-catching thanks to its soft finish and smooth, curved edges and detailing.

Not only are they contemporary because of their design, but because of their industry-leading technology. Our aluminium products are finished with AkzoNobel, an industry-leading powder coating, making the furniture weatherproof and our outdoor fabric furniture features a quick-dry technology that is also stain-resistant.

If you want a balance between entertainment and me-time, then we’d recommend exploring our casual dining sets, sofas, and corner sofas from our aluminium and outdoor fabric ranges. You can also pair these ranges with one of our firepits, which extend the usage of your garden, making sure you get the most of it!

Our range of Glass Reinforced Concrete firepits would go nicely with either range, as their modular, modern design fits in perfectly with the refined aesthetic of aluminium and outdoor fabric.

Adding a contemporary outdoor structure

to your garden will instantly bring

your space into the modern age.

State-Of-The-Art Structures

Adding a contemporary outdoor structure to your garden will instantly bring your space into the modern age. Our range of award-winning garden pergolas require no planning permission and are stunning state-of-the-art structures that’ll make your garden the talk of the town.

Made either from a mixture of galvanised steel and aluminium or entirely from aluminium, our pergolas are weatherproof, with the aluminium-based structures being resistant to rust, too.

The Titan Plus range exemplifies modernness with its motorised double-louvred roof and colour-changing LED lights, which will help bring your garden to life. Our pergolas also come with the option of privacy screens or aluminium side walls (exclusive to the Titan range).

Wonderful Water Features

For most people, water features aren’t usually at the top of the list when it comes to modernising your patio. That’s because, in the past, outdoor water features have been associated with traditional designs, such as a pail of water or a rustic pump.

Moreover, they’re typically made from non-weatherproof metals, including iron, along with other materials such as wood or granite (which can be unsightly). Whereas many of our features are made from a lightweight polyresin material which is protected against harsh weather and easy to move!

We have a wide range of stylish and contemporary water features, with two collections embodying a modern, chic aesthetic. The Edge collection was created to give your garden an artistic focal point and the Nouveau range was crafted with luxury gardens in mind, with the aim of bringing peace and serenity in a modern-day fashion.

While you can expect the peaceful sound of water trickling, you also expect some light too, as these two collections have LED lights, that add ambience and warmth to your garden.

Restoring your garden to its former glory doesn’t have to be daunting and with a browse of our website or a trip to one of our showrooms, your outdoor restoration can begin.