Al fresco dining is a popular pastime throughout the spring and summer months. However, in Britain, we aren’t always guaranteed a hot summer, so it is important that our garden furniture is ready and raring to go when we do get the opportunity.

Unfortunately, many popular materials used for outdoor dining sets, such as wood and plastic are not best suited to this wet weather. Wood will remain damp for several hours, if not days after a heavy shower and plastic tends to pool water on its seating area. However, there is a great solution to these popular materials which is 100% weatherproof – outdoor fabric.

Why Outdoor Fabric?

Outdoor fabric is a relatively new material that is being used for outdoor furniture and is incredibly innovative and exciting, particularly for al fresco dining. Developed in partnership with Sunbrella, who originally developed fabrics for yachts and boats, these outdoor dining sets are completely weatherproof as well as extremely water resistant.

Crafted using aluminium framework which is lightweight and rustproof, the fabric dining chairs contain a quick dry foam inside the fabric which not only makes the furniture padded and extremely comfortable to sit on, but it also helps rain water run right through the fabric and out the other side. The weatherproof fabric is also water repellent which means that any spills or light showers will bead up and repel straight off of the fabric, keeping it dry and ready to use instantly. After a heavy rain shower, the chairs will be dry again in around 30 minutes.

This quick drying material is perfect for days in Britain where you experience many weather conditions in one day. It means that should it rain in the morning you won’t have to cancel your afternoon barbecue plans because your furniture will be dry and ready to use.

After a heavy rain shower, the

chairs will be dry again in

around 30 minutes.

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Another great feature of these outdoor fabric dining sets is the stain resistant technology. Not only does water bead and repel but also spills of wine, juice and fizzy drink will do the same, meaning you can wipe them up instantly. Whereas, on fabric cushions this would leave a stain, there will be no stain left if you wipe the spill immediately. Plus, for tougher stains such as chocolate or ketchup you can clean these with a solution of bleach, mild soap and water.

This means that you will comfortable inviting your guests round for dinner and eating outdoors with the kids, as spills and mess will not be a worry – leaving you free to use your outdoor dining set for its designed purpose, to relax and eat outdoors.

Another risk with other furniture types is the exposure to damp, mildew and mould. However, with outdoor fabric furniture this can also be cleaned with ease. An experiment was conducted using an outdoor fabric chair which was left outside unused for 5 years – the chair was covered in mould and mildew. But, after a quick clean with a pressure washer, the mould and mildew was removed instantly, and the chair looked as good as new and was completely dry and ready to use the next day.

We believe that outdoor fabric is going to become an increasingly popular choice thanks to its weatherproof and stain repellent qualities. As our weather becomes more and more unpredictable it is ideal to have furniture which can be enjoyed all year round, doesn’t need storing indoors and doesn’t require a quick panic to bring the cushions indoors when it rains. Outdoor fabric is stylish and comfortable and looks brilliant in all settings, making your al fresco dining experience incredibly stress free and enjoyable.

If you would like to view our fabric furniture and test its waterproof qualities for yourself, then visit one of our showrooms for a live demonstration.