For the past two years, Sunbrella and Nova Outdoor Living have been working to develop a range of outdoor fabric garden furniture that is fully weather-resistant and the best choice of furniture for outdoor use. This highly weather resistant material is quickly becoming the UK's favourite garden furniture that can be left outside all year.

"Never fear, these fantastic fabric pieces are stain repellent."

- White Stores

Can You Leave Fabric Furniture Outside?

“Can you leave fabric furniture outside? It’s bound to get damaged,” we hear you say! Well, no, it won’t… this great range has been specifically designed to be weatherproof and stainproof! Yes, that means that the fabric is water-repellent! A light shower will cause the drops to bead on top of the fabric and simply roll off. A dramatic downpour will run through the fabric and be pushed out at the other end by a unique foam coating on the inside of the fabric, meaning that it will be dry again in 30 minutes with no water stains!

We know that it’s not just rain you worry about when it comes to garden furniture, there’s always that one messy guest (if you can’t think of who this is we’re afraid you are the messy one) who is guaranteed to spill something. But never fear, these fantastic fabric pieces are stain-repellent. Maybe you've spilt your glass of wine? Or have the kids dropped chocolate ice cream down themselves and the sofa? Has the dog coated everything in mud? Well, we might not be able to save your clothes but your fabric garden furniture will be fine with a quick clean up!

Cleaning Fabric Furniture

You can clean liquid spillages up immediately with tap water or soapy water. More stubborn stains such as chocolate, ketchup or fruit juices can be cleaned immediately with a solution of:

150ml of bleach
40ml of mild soap
2 litres of water
Simply apply the solution on the fabric and clean with a soft-bristle brush. Allow the mixture to soak into the fabric for up to 15 minutes then rinse thoroughly until all soap residue is removed. Then allow to dry and hey presto, the mess is gone!


Why Fabric Furniture?

Not only is this fabric furniture great for repelling liquids, it looks stylish in any garden and is a wonderful addition to any outdoor space. Wonderfully comfortable, fabric furniture is ideal for curling up outside with a good book on a warm day, or having friends over to entertain on a warm summers evening. But the great thing about this furniture is that it isn’t just suitable for summer weather, with no protection needed and the great weatherproof material you can use this furniture all year round.

Our range of fabric furniture all comes with a 5 year warranty and comes in different colour options so there is always something to suit your style. Plus, with so many styles of sofa, corner sofa, loungers and dining sets to choose from there is something to suit every garden and occasion.

So why not be the envy of all your friends and discover these fabulous fabrics in your very own garden.