We can all agree that the last couple of years have been tough, and as a result, its affected people’s mental wellbeing. We live in an era where society recognises the importance of mental health and looking after ourselves.

For many people, their garden became a sanctuary during the pandemic, and while we’re in a post-pandemic world, your garden can still be a place that improves and helps your mental health.

In this blog, we’ll explore a few simple ways to create a space that’s good for your mind, body, and soul.

Have a Space to Relax

It might sound obvious but having a space to relax is paramount. While it’s a part of your home, your garden is a separate space that can be used as an escape from the same four walls. Being outside, and away from the stresses of day-to-day life immediately reduces stress and gives you that sigh of relief.

To make sure the outdoor space remains a place for relaxation, look to purchase garden furniture that encourages and enhances the experience of relaxing. A good place to start is our range of casual dining sets, which’ll satisfy both your relaxing and dining needs. From rising tables to reclining sofa pieces, our casual dining collection gives you all the options to make your patio the space it needs to be.

The possibilities don’t stop there either, as our lounge sets were made for sitting back and putting your feet up. Their inviting, comfortable cushioned seating and soft footstools are ideal for chilling out.

your garden can still be a

place that improves and helps

your mental health.

Creating Greenery

Turning your garden into a space that’s full of greenery has been proven to help reduce stress and anxiety. The roots of this belief were established in the early 19th century when horticultural therapy began. While observing individuals, it was noted that planting and gardening benefited those who were battling mental health issues.

Even now, people suffering from depression find gardening an excellent stress reliever. Planting and maintaining your garden keeps your brain active and distracted while relaxing you at the same time.

With White Stores, you can create a greener space, and begin to plant flowers with our range of aluminium planters. Our planters come in three different shapes, round, rectangular and square, along with three sizes – small, medium, and large. These planters are sleek and will accompany a contemporary space nicely.

Planting flowers doesn’t have to be the only thing you do. If you have the space, you could grow your own produce. Growing your own vegetables helps bring your garden to life while giving you something to focus on and a stress-free responsibility.


Meditating is a proven and effective way of relieving stress and anxiety. It gives you the opportunity to centre yourself, and it doesn’t have to be restricted to the indoors.

Having a space outside to meditate, boosts your ability to self-soothe and can eliminate any distractions such as the sound of the TV, children playing, or your other half cleaning or cooking.

While meditating outside doesn’t eliminate noise pollution, purchasing a water feature helps reduce noise pollution, and the sound of water is known to soothe. Our water features include classic, stylish models to features that inspire harmony with statuesque, Buddha designs.

These high-quality pieces function as a focal point and will go nicely with a hanging chair. Our unusual egg-shaped chairs make for a fantastic addition to any garden, with their design giving you a space that encourages peace and calm.

You can meditate while you gently sway, as the slightly enclosed space gives you the feeling of having a retreat full of tranquillity.


We want our customers’ gardens to be the best spaces possible, and that involves ensuring we can help provide you with the furniture that’ll not only boost your mental well-being but improve it. Come down and visit one of our showrooms or browse our website to start your sanctuary today.