The weather overall this year has been memorable for all the wrong reasons, which has meant many of us have not been able to use our gardens as much as we would have liked. However, with these great garden furniture items and accessories, you’ll be able to extend your summer and extend your garden use.

LED Parasols

As the evenings begin to draw in, you can keep the garden well lit and ensure you can stay outside for longer with the aid of LED lighting. Our great Galaxy Parasols have built-in LED strips, so that you can directly light your seating area.

This is perfect for creating a cosy ambience too and isn’t as harsh as some outdoor wall lights, they also don’t turn off if you’re not moving around, meaning you won’t be plunged into darkness every 10 minutes and have to wave your hands around, making the evening much more chilled.


Weatherproof Fabric

If you don’t want to worry about bringing your cushions in and out throughout the autumn, then fabric garden furniture is perfect for you. All of these cushions are fully weatherproof and can be left outside all year round, come rain or shine. The cushions will repel light showers and then heavy rain will run through and out, drying after a period of sunshine.

This is perfect for any garden, comfortable and extremely useful for extending your use of your garden further into the year.

with these great garden furniture items and

accessories you’ll be able to extend your summer

and extend your garden use.

Aluminium Pergolas

The perfect way to extend your summer is to add shelter to your garden, meaning that even if it does rain you are well-protected and able to still enjoy the outdoors. The best way to do this is with an aluminium pergola. Sturdier than a gazebo, these pergolas offer open and closing tops allowing you to enjoy the sunshine and shelter from the rain.

These shelters effectively create an outdoor room, extending your garden use and therefore your summer, well into the autumn months. Plus, you can even add privacy screens to ensure weather protection from all angles as well as prevent being overlooked, particularly great for use over hot-tubs.


Outdoor Heaters

Once the chill creeps in, we can often favour the indoors to the fresh air, but there is a way you can enjoy both. With an outdoor heater, you can experience the warmth of indoors but with the freshness of the outdoors. Plus, many of our outdoor heaters double up as lighting, which is perfect to stay outdoors for longer.


We couldn’t talk about extending your summer, without mentioning firepits! From firepit coffee tables to firepit dining sets, these are the perfect solutions to getting outdoors in the winter months. These firepits are great for keeping you warm, create a perfect place to sit and chat, adding to the cosy outdoor ambience and are also very insta-worthy!

Firepits are the ultimate way to improve your garden as a whole and ensures you can use your outdoor space for the majority of the year.


If you wish to enjoy your garden more this autumn and extend your summer, make sure you visit our showroom to speak to a knowledgeable salesperson and test out all of these recommended products in person.