We've been promised that summer is on the way! So, how do you start preparing your garden to go from spring to summer? Get ready for a summer of sunshine with our top tips.

Invest in Shade

We know we’re only just starting to talk about the sun, but have you ever heard the saying “too much of a good thing”… Too much sun can be harmful to our skin and so it’s important that when you’re looking to spend more time outdoors in the summer months that you consider how you are going to create a shaded area to cool down and take a break from those harmful UV rays.

Simple Solution

The simple solution is to add a garden parasol to your outdoor space. Whether you have an outdoor dining set with a parasol hole in the middle or you have a corner sofa set that requires a cantilever parasol, adding a parasol is the easiest way to control the shade in your garden.

Top choice: Check out our Galaxy parasol range that won’t only offer shade in the day but will offer light in the summer evenings thanks to the LED lights.

Premium Pick

If you’re looking for something a little more permanent or just something with more style and craftsmanship, then a pergola is the ultimate way to create a shaded patio area. You can easily open or close the roof to let in or block out the sun. Plus, with the addition of our pergola privacy screens, you can create a private area and introduce more shade to your outdoor living area. Another reason to opt for a pergola is the fact you can also be sheltered from rain which is highly possible in a true British summer. A parasol may look like an umbrella, but it won’t keep you dry like a closed pergola will.

Top choice: Our Titan range is our most durable pergola option as it is crafted from aluminium, and it also fits all of our pergola accessories from privacy screens to side walls so you can style your own design.

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Worship the Sun

We know we just told you to prepare some shade but equally, whilst the sun is here, make sure you have space to lap it up!

Simple Solution

A sun lounger is the easiest way to become a sun worshipper, and our rattan sun loungers are a classic as well as a practical option.

Top choice: Our Rhodes Sun Lounger Set is a great way for you and a loved one to enjoy relaxing in the sun together. The adjustable headrests and padded cushions make these a particularly comfortable choice.

Premium Pick

If you have the space, a garden daybed is a brilliant way to make memories in the sun with the whole family. With space for everyone to lie down together, it’s a new way to sunbathe.

Top choice: Our Windsor day bed is not only a day bed but doubles up as a sofa set with a rising table so when you’re not sunbathing, you can be socialising or dining outdoors

Make Memories

Summer is when lots of us make memories with friends and family that we will treasure for a lifetime. From barbecued lunches and dips in the paddling pool to evenings with friends and sun-kissed skin, it’s a time when many of us feel happier and lighter. If you want your garden to be the backdrop to those glorious summer memories, then you will want to have somewhere for everyone to take a seat.

Simple Solution

The simple solution is an outdoor dining set. There will be space for all the food and drink you need to keep your family and guests full, as well as somewhere for everyone to sit. You can play games, enjoy a barbecue or spend the lighter evenings reminiscing on stories at an outdoor dining table.

Top choice: Fire pit dining sets are a modern take on a classic dining experience. A fire pit centre offers something very special and memories come naturally in this environment.

Premium Pick

For something with more elegance and a slightly less formal environment, a casual dining set is comfortable and stylish. Combining a corner sofa with a casual dining table means you can get lots of guests around the table whilst also feeling like you’re in a relaxed environment.

Top choice: Our Vogue Corner Dining range is a classy aluminium that belongs in modern gardens and would make the perfect backdrop to those summer memories.

With our top tips, we hope you’ll be able to create a garden that not only helps you spring into summer but also prepares you for 365 outdoor living.

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