Are you feeling less than inspired with your garden space? Are you unsure how to make your patio a place where you and your family want to spend time together? Check out our top tips below and create a garden that is inspiring and enjoyable.

Create A Focal Point With a Warming Firepit

Firepits are all the rage right now and rightly so, they not only add warmth and light to any drab patio space, but they also create an area you want to sit and can sit around for much longer. No matter how big or small your garden, there is a firepit available for every space to help create an inviting and relaxing area in your garden.


Create Ambience With Lighting And Accessories

Ensure your garden gives off the right ambience both during the day and after dark with the right kind of accessories. Daytime is perfect for brightly coloured scatter cushions that reflect your personality and after dark, outdoor lanterns and soft lighting help to set the scene.

Your garden should always

feel like an extension

of your indoor space.

Create An Extension Of Your Home

Your garden should always feel like an extension of your indoor space, not a separate entity as this will encourage more use of your outdoor space and improve the look and feel of the area. For example, you can add some touches which may feel like they should only be suitable for indoor spaces but actually can work well outdoors too. This includes garden art and garden mirrors which help to make your space appear larger. Outdoor rugs which make the space appear warm and inviting and cushions for a cosier appearance.


Create a Functional, Family Friendly Environment

There’s no use your garden looking amazing if it is not a functional or user-friendly space. Above all, make sure your garden is practical. For example, if you have children, make sure there is a space for them to play outdoors. Plus, make sure there is a space for everyone to dine al fresco, whether this be a formal dining set or a causal dining or simple sofa set, garden furniture is important for encouraging family time together.

Create A Simple Patio Space

Don’t overcomplicate things. Your patio space doesn’t have to combine all the latest technology to look great. Some colourful plants and greenery combined with a place to sit and enjoy the peaceful outdoors can be all you need to make your patio area a place that can be enjoyed daily. Especially if you only have a small outdoor space, you don’t want to go overboard with furniture or accessories as this can look overwhelming. Instead, opt for a bistro or small dining set and use plants to bring the area to life.

Understanding your space is an important part of creating the perfect outdoor setup. Get to know your garden before creating a plan for it. For example, you need to learn where the sun sits for most of the day and whether this is a suitable place for furniture and which plants will thrive in which space. Measure your space and know what style of garden furniture is going to fit the area without looking overwhelming or even underwhelming – you don’t want a small space to feel crowded or a large space to feel bare.

Creating your perfect patio can take time and you may want to add more over the years rather than all at once. For this reason, it is important to do your research and make sure any furniture you buy is a popular choice that will stay relevant in the coming years so that you can find items to match.

Where possible, we recommend visiting garden furniture showrooms to test and view the furniture in person before purchasing.