Plenty of people enjoy a night out, from the buzz of pre-drinks and getting ready with your friends to dancing the night away at your favourite bar or club. While it’s fun heading out for the night, it can also be expensive!

At White Stores, we’re all about choices, so why not consider having a night out but within the comfort of your own home instead? Our wide range of Nova garden furniture has exactly what you need to bring your night out home.

Party Like It's 1999

Recreating a night out doesn’t need to be difficult, as our garden furniture brings the nightlife to you. Our Nova Outdoor Living bar set collection is our bar set range which seat six and either come with a gas firepit table, an ice bucket or parasol hole.

These multipurpose sets give you the opportunity to drink the night away in comfort. If you want to add atmosphere or some warmth to your outdoor bar, then the firepit table is what we’d recommend. With an output of 40,000 BTUs, it’ll keep you and your guests warm.

If you want to enjoy those longer summer evenings, then a bar set with an ice bucket is a great choice, as it’ll keep your beverages ice cold, because we know there’s nothing worse than warm alcohol. You can place four bottles of wine or eight bottles of beer or cans of soft drink in this ice bucket at any given time.

Our bar sets aren’t only convenient, they’re trendy with their hand-woven rattan accentuating the shape of the bar stools and table. The bar stools are cushioned with slightly slanted backs and gently curved armrests to give you the utmost comfort throughout your outdoor bar experience.

While our bar sets are made from incredibly durable and weatherproof rattan, we also sell fitted furniture covers, just to give you that extra bit of peace of mind.

Recreating a night out doesn’t need

to be difficult, as our garden furniture

brings the nightlife to you.

Keeping The Party Going

To keep your garden party going, you’ll need lighting and ambience and luckily for you, you’ve come to the right place. We have a wonderful selection of outdoor heating which can double-up as lighting, as well as premium Galaxy parasols which are fitted with LED lights.

It really comes down to your space and preference, if you want a statement piece and have enough room then our gas firepit tables are ideal for keeping your night outdoors alive and kicking. Coming in various shapes and materials, there’s something for everyone.

The Fireglow range showcases the diverse range of Glass Reinforced Concrete firepits we have, with the Brisbane and Portland showing off their stylish round shape, and the Albany highlighting its modern take on a square GRC table. No detail is spared, as the heat resistant lava rock adds the finishing touch to these sleek firepits.

If you want something more traditional then we have the Heritage firepit coffee table, which will pair up neatly with our rattan ranges, or we have the Mercury aluminium firepit table, which’ll suit aluminium or fabric furniture nicely.

All our firepits are weatherproof, durable and offer good burn times, averaging at 50,000 BTUs and six hours burn time, so you won’t have to worry about quality when it comes to your decision.

We also have patio heaters, ranging from free standing to chain suspended. Our Portobello chained suspended electric patio heater would combine perfectly with our LED Galaxy parasol range.

The Galaxy is our most luxurious parasol, with its button control LED lights and crank and tilt operation lighting up the garden at all angles. Bringing together these two elements would give you heat, enough lighting, and flair.

Winding Down

Once your night outdoors begins to wind down, you’ll want somewhere for you and your guests to escape to. Our sofa sets are excellent for this, and unlike other garden furniture, you can truly relax without any hesitation.

From our aluminium range, the Alessandria and San Marino collections give a stylish place to unwind and finish off the evening. The Alessandria has a variety of options, depending on the size of your garden. You can either have a standard three seated sofa which comes with two coffee tables, or two three seated sofas which come with coffee tables and armchairs.

The sofas and armchairs are padded and crafted with comfort in mind, and they also come with the option of multiple coffee tables, so you don’t have to worry about keeping your food and drinks close by. As a bonus, the Alessandria collection gives you the choice of storing the smaller coffee table away beneath the larger table, but you can also turn the larger coffee table into a footstool as we provide an extra cushion to do so!

While the San Marino has the option of a deep-set two or three seated sofa, two armchairs and a coffee table, so it’s just as ideal if you need more space for your guests to relax.

After reading this, hopefully we’ve sold you on the possibility of turning your garden or patio into an outdoor space perfect for nights out. You can replicate going out and having fun, without sacrificing what makes a night out so good.

With us, you can have the best time, so come and get the party started by visiting one of our showrooms or website today.