As not everyone has acres of land to play around with we believe that it is important that the bistro set gets the recognition it deserves as a fabulous option for those with smaller space such as a small terrace or balcony.

Who Can Enjoy A Rattan Bistro Set?

Bistro sets are ideal for small areas as they offer a place to sit down and enjoy your morning coffee, afternoon tea, lunch, or even an evening meal with a loved one. However, whilst you may be compromising on space you will never have to compromise on style. Bistro sets typically come with a small round table and 2 chairs, the perfect set up for smaller areas.

The rattan bistro set in particular is the best option for those with less garden space as it will never need to be stored away. This is ideal for those who only have balconies and no shed space to keep garden furniture stored away. Other materials may rust when left outside but our weatherproof rattan designs are fully weatherproof, UV resistant, rustproof and resistant against snow and cold weather. This means that you can leave the furniture outside all year round.

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Rattan Sets For All Styles

Rattan bistro sets come in many colours, the most popular being brown and grey. Grey rattan bistro sets look perfect in more modern homes and balcony settings, whilst brown rattan bistro sets are ideal for a traditional terrace area.

Whilst bistro sets are ideal for those with smaller space, they do not look out of place in larger gardens and make a lovely area in any setting.

We offer several types of rattan bistro set including flat weave bistro sets which are incredibly durable and popular as well as a range of rod weave bistro sets which can be found in our Heritage collection. These rod weave sets are a stronger weave which makes them heavier and more durable. This range comes in a natural and white wash colour which offers something different and incredibly modern looking, whilst not straying from traditional rattan roots.

If you have limited space, we always recommend measuring up and seeing the furniture in person, which is why we have plenty of bistro sets on display in our showrooms. This allows you to truly get a feel of the furniture and ensure that it won’t overwhelm your space.