Traditionally, an outdoor space would only be used during the day in the warmer months, and usually when the sun is shining or if there was gardening to do. In the past, a garden would be a place to go, instead of being the place to be.

So, while there may have been a garden ornament or two, a rickety wicker table and chairs, and maybe even a chair swing, there would rarely be furniture that would make a patio useable, especially throughout the day and night.

Modern garden furniture has changed all that, and with Nova Outdoor Living garden furniture, our aim is to not only give our customers the best, but to give you furniture that makes a difference. With our furniture you can transform your garden into a space that you can spend all day and night.

Coffee By Day, Wine By Night

On the face of it, creating an outdoor space that’s suitable for the day and night may sound tricky, but with us, it’s never been easier. A great place to start would be exploring our casual dining collections, as these multipurpose furniture sets were created with these moments in mind.

Thanks to their corner sofa shaped design, you can leisurely relax throughout the day by sitting back and reading a book, or by putting your feet up and gleefully watch as your children play. While making the most of your daytime, you can also keep whatever beverages and foods you need nearby thanks to our handy coffee tables.

But what about when the evening comes? Well, there’s no need to rush inside to dish up dinner, as our casual dining sets are unbelievably comfortable and come with the option of a rising table.

These sets with rising table options give you the opportunity to seamlessly change your garden from day to night, as you can go from snacks and drinks to an al fresco, relaxed dining experience as the sun sets and the night takes shape.

If you’re reading this and thinking ‘casual dining isn’t for me’, then don’t worry, because we know that everybody will want to use their patio differently.

Another range that will extend the usage of your garden is our bar sets. Coming in the choice of two weaves, Classic or Heritage, these six-seater sets will bring the party to you during the day, and well into the night.

Having the additional choice of a firepit or ice bucket gives you flexibility, as the ice bucket will keep your drinks cool during the day and in warmer months, and a firepit will provide light and heat when the sun has set.

With our furniture you can transform your

garden into a space that you can spend

all day and night.

Ongoing protection

Living in the UK, we’re used to unpredictable weather, and we’ve always sold items to help with this. But gone are the days of just having a parasol or pergola to protect you from the sun or rain, they’ve now evolved into a statement piece that helps bring your garden to life.

Our premium parasol, the Galaxy, features a state-of-the-art cantilever design, with its PA coating, ensuring resistance to sun bleaching and fading. Its thick, 250gsm canopy offers plenty of sun protection and water absorption too.

Its larger canopies will cover plenty of space and its pedal will allow you to rotate it 360 degrees. However, the feature that takes the parasol from only being used during the daytime to being used as night, is its LED lights.

These battery-operated LED lights decorate the ribs of the parasol and come with a rechargeable USB, so they’re easy to use. They’ll provide enough light for you and your guests, so you won’t have to worry about bringing the evening to a close once the sun has set.

Another alternative is our Halo pergola range, which will take your garden from a daytime hotspot to a night-time retreat. With its motorised double-louvre roof, U-shaped drainage system and optional privacy screens, it’s a garden must-have.

While pergolas are generally associated with spending your summer on decking or the patio, the Halo’s LED colour-changing lights bring ambience as well as a source of light. These lights give you the option of entertaining later in the evening, so the laughter, fun and drinks can keep flowing.

Even if you’re not one to entertain, you can sit back with a sofa or lounging set underneath the Halo’s lights and soak up every moment.

Day and Night

Our range of firepits and patio heaters can be used during the day and in the evening. Most people use a firepit during the day in the colder months, and in the summer evenings to add a bit of warmth. They’re primarily used for their source of heat but do provide enough light to keep conversations going over cheese and wine.

You can either have a firepit that’s a modular piece, or an aluminium firepit table that adds another dining option, thanks to its functionality. Simply turn off the firepit, close the lid, and there you have it, another space to dine!

If you’re looking for a more traditional option, then consider a patio heater, as these act as a powerful heat source and double-up as garden lighting. Depending on your outdoor set-up, our free-standing patio heaters would be a great choice, as they’re convenient and safe to use.

Our rattan free-standing heaters will go nicely with other rattan furniture, and the table-top version is great for those with limited space. Whereas the digital interfaced Helios free-standing patio heater will look effortlessly cool in a contemporary garden with aluminium or fabric furniture.

These can be switched on whenever you need to feel that extra warmth, and thanks to their lighting, they can be used on overcast days or during the evening to brighten up your patio.


There are so many possibilities when it comes to extending the use of your garden and whether it’s garden furniture or accessories, your patio can be a space that’s used regardless of the time of day. Visit one of our showrooms or browse our website for more ideas.