When summer is finally on the way, it means you can start looking forward to relaxing in the garden. As the sun starts to shine, people consider purchasing a sun lounger, as they’re straightforward for sunbathing and take up minimal space.

But over the last few years, a newer way of relaxation has crept onto the outdoor furniture scene, and that’s lounging on a rattan daybed. A daybed is a larger-than-life sun lounger and it’s a great choice for those simmering sunny days.

A Daybed

Garden daybeds are designed to be luxurious and comfortable. Plus, daybeds are usually large enough for two or even five people rather than just one like a sun lounger. This offers a far more sociable way to relax in the sunshine.

There are many different sizes for daybeds, some are incredibly large and, if you have the space, look spectacular and incredibly impressive in the garden. However, if you are limited for space, we recommend a slightly smaller or modular daybed, perhaps even one that comes in two parts – a sofa section and a footstool section, like our Windsor collection.

A daybed is a


sun lounger

The Windsor

Our favourite daybed option is the Windsor, because it isn’t just a daybed, it’s also an outdoor dining area. The furniture was designed to be multi-purpose, and will comfortably seat between four to six people, depending on the set up chosen.

This furniture combines two curved sofa pieces, two curved footstools and a glorious, polywood rising table. It can be used as a sofa set with the table on its low setting to offer a coffee table accompaniment to the sofas and footstools. This means you can relax without a care in the world and keep your drinks and snacks close by.

This set is not only stylish but practical, as it can be turned into a more compact, casual dining set when you raise the table, or it can be used as a daybed by simply pushing all the pieces together and adding a round cushion to the top of the table. When choosing a rattan daybed, we understand that comfort is paramount, which is why the Windsor also comes with thick padded cushions allowing you to fully relax.

While we don’t currently sell other styles of daybeds, there are other styles on the market. You could opt for a hooded daybed which gives you with the option of shelter from the sun, a hut style daybed that provides all round protection, or a daybed that is designed specifically for you to bathe in the sunshine all day long. Rattan daybeds come in range of different colours, but for the Windsor range we’ve chosen a gorgeous white wash with grey cushions.

Why Is It The Right Choice?

So, why pick the Windsor collection? Well, not only is it luxurious and modular, but it also has weatherproof qualities and a 5-year guarantee. Rattan garden furniture is completely weatherproof and can be left outside all year round which is ideal for the temperamental British weather. This is also perfect for those who opt for larger daybeds as it means you will not have to worry about storing your furniture away during the winter months.

Ultimately, a rattan daybed is the perfect way to enjoy the sunshine with friends and family as well as inject some style into your garden. Our Windsor daybed is for everyone, so if you need help with this purchase, visit one of our showrooms to test out a rattan daybed for yourself.