Rattan garden furniture is a wonderful addition to any garden thanks to its stylish yet practical and durable nature. But with so many rattan furniture styles on the market, which set is perfect for your garden? Follow our tips below to decide which rattan garden furniture to purchase.

What's Your Style?

Like with any indoor furniture, your garden furniture must reflect your own style. Rattan garden furniture is incredibly versatile and therefore available in many styles from sleek, modern designs to more retro shapes and traditional looks.

Plus, these different styles can look completely different from one colour to the next. Brown is the most traditional rattan colour and works well with all gardens, but grey is the more modern colour that brings any garden up to date.

Additionally, there are different weave types which can also make a difference to your garden’s appearance. Flat weave or classic weave is the cheaper and most popular option and can work with modern and traditional gardens alike. However, rod weave or half round weave works best for a more traditional garden in a natural willow colour, but doesn’t look out of place in a modern garden in the popular white wash colour.

Most rattan garden furniture

is incredibly long-lasting,

durable and practical.

How Much Space?

How much space you have will be an incredibly important factor when choosing your garden furniture. Whilst you may long for a comfortable corner sofa set with an accompanying casual dining table so that you can have the best of both worlds when it comes to relaxing and al fresco dining, if your garden space does not permit it you may have to re-evaluate what you want.

But, with so many different styles, sizes and shapes of rattan garden furniture from dining sets, to sofa sets, to sun loungers, armchairs, daybeds and everything in between we are certain that there will never need to be too much compromise on your end.


Is It Practical?

Most rattan garden furniture is incredibly long-lasting, durable and practical. However, is it practical for what you want to use it for? Whilst sun loungers are a desirable rattan furniture choice, if they are going to take up all of your garden space you may not get the most use out of them and a corner sofa set might be more practical.

Another factor to consider is storage space. Whilst good quality HDPE rattan garden furniture does not need to be stored indoors over winter or in bad weather, the garden furniture cushions do need to be kept indoors. If you opt for a large set with a lot of cushions, make sure you have plenty of space in your shed or garage to store the cushions when not in use, or make sure you have space for a cushion storage box.

Is It Affordable?

Knowing your budget before you start shopping can help you narrow down the choice of furniture on offer. With so many different types and styles on offer, there is rattan garden furniture in everyone’s price range, but you should be careful to go for long-lasting HDPE rattan and not inferior quality PVC or PU rattan.

If you find a rattan furniture set that seems considerably cheaper than other similar sets you have seen, this is probably because it is made from inferior rattan which is not weatherproof and not as long-lasting as top-quality HDPE. This will mean you will have to replace the furniture much sooner and you won’t be saving yourself money at all. If you’re looking for a bargain, then there are good times to save money including out-of-season months where retailers will offer large discounts.

If you need help choosing the perfect rattan garden set for your garden, we recommend visiting one of our showrooms located throughout the UK in order to view and test the furniture in person, as well as get top advice from our knowledgeable sales team.