With the weather taking a drastic change, diving straight into winter temperatures and heavy downpours, many of us will be putting our gardens to bed for the year. But what’s the best way to ensure your patio and garden furniture is protected from these conditions? We’ve revealed all, below.

Protect The Cushions!

Before anything else, you want to ensure your garden furniture cushions are rescued from this horrible weather, otherwise, they will end up with water damage and be no good by the time the sun comes out again next year.

We always recommend you store your cushions indoors, whether that be a shed or a garage or even up in the loft, so they are out of harm’s way. Even if you plan to cover your garden furniture, you should never leave the cushions under the cover as most covers are not breathable and this will cause your cushions to sweat and this often produces mould and that damage is sometimes irreversible, even after a good wash.

To give your cushions an extra layer of protection, keeping them free from dirt, dust and simply keeping them all in one place we recommend a storage bag or storage box. A storage bag will come with nifty handles, allowing you to carry your cushions from place to place – ideal for keeping them in the shed or the loft. For larger cushions that won’t fit in a shed a storage box is ideal – however, you must be sure to add a garden furniture cover to the storage box to keep it fully watertight.

It’s always handy to know a bit

about your patio furniture

and what it is made from.

Store Lightweight Furniture Indoors

If your garden furniture is a lightweight material like plastic, you will want to store that indoors throughout the winter months. Strong winds could cause these furniture types to blow around the garden and this can often cause cracks and other damage. A garden furniture cover might not be enough to rescue this, so make sure it is stored safely in a shed or garage.


Cover Your Garden Furniture

For other types of garden furniture, like rattan or aluminium a weatherproof garden furniture cover will be enough to protect it from the harsher winter weather. Whilst both of these materials are fully weatherproof and can be left outside, adding a winter cover will add that extra layer of protection to keep it free from dirt, such as falling leaves, and dirty water stains – meaning you have to spend less time cleaning the furniture next time you want to use it.
Be sure to make sure your cover is tied tightly and isn’t going to blow away in the wind. All of our winter covers come with handy eyelets and drawstrings which can be fastened tightly to prevent this. Click here for details on how to tie these correctly.

If you don’t feel confident leaving your furniture outdoors all winter, rattan garden furniture can actually make a fantastic addition to a conservatory, so you can create an extra seating space whilst ensuring your garden furniture is protected.

Knowing Your Furniture

It’s always handy to know a bit about your patio furniture and what it is made from. For example, different types of rattan offer different protections from the weather. HDPE rattan with aluminium framework is fully weather-resistant and will be fine to leave outside all winter long. However, a steel-framed PVC or PU rattan will require extra protection and would fare better if you stored it indoors throughout these months.

Fabric garden furniture, though it looks like the one you would have to worry about most, may actually be the most durable outdoor furniture on the market. You can leave this outdoors to get wet and even mouldy and all of this dirt and grime can simply be jetwashed clean when the spring comes around.

The more you know about your furniture, the better equipped you will be to protect it from the harsh winter weather, and ensure you increase the furniture’s longevity.

If you require more information on your garden furniture or you wish to purchase a winter accessory for your furniture, we recommend visiting one of our showrooms to speak to our knowledgeable sales staff for advice.