If you’ve purchased one of our Nova garden furniture covers, this step-by-step run-through will help you to attach your winter cover to your rattan garden furniture with ease.

Our weatherproof covers are extremely useful for protecting your rattan garden furniture from dirt, frost and snow during the autumn and winter. The Weathertex-treated covers are made using PVC-backed polyester for a water-resistant finish that will keep your furniture dry as well as clean during these months, so that come the spring your furniture is good as new and ready to use.

Our covers come in a handy carry bag which contains the cover to perfectly fit your furniture as well as the drawstrings and toggles that secure your cover to the furniture. Follow our step-by-step guide to ensure your cover is secured correctly and tightly to your furniture.

"Follow our step-by-step guide to ensure your cover is secured correctly and tightly to your furniture."

- White Stores

Step 1

Remove all cushions from your garden furniture and store them indoors. Garden furniture cushions should not remain under the cover as they will begin to sweat, and this could cause damp or mildew. (If you need somewhere to store your cushions, we recommend one of our storage bags).


Step 2

Rearrange the furniture as necessary. This may mean tucking your chairs tightly under the dining table or could mean placing the footstool on top of the sofa or tucked underneath the table. If you need help knowing how to arrange your furniture there are handy diagrams on each of our online covers (example below) or you can call our customer service team for assistance.

Step 3

Place the cover over your furniture, the cover should be a tight fit.


Step 4

Secure the cover to the furniture using the drawstrings and toggles. To do this, each corner of your cover will have a hole where the strings go (otherwise known as eyelets), use one string to loop through the eyelets and then both ends should go through the toggle. The toggle can then be tightened to secure the cover and ensure it does not blow away.

If you need any further help, please view our helpful video which shows you how the covers protect your furniture and how the drawstrings fasten.