A British winter is a cold, damp, windy thing, so if you have garden furniture how can you ensure it stays in tip-top condition ready for use in the summer? We’ve revealed our top tips and advice below.

What Garden Furniture Do You Have

Many of our tips will depend on what type of garden furniture you own. If you have rattan garden furniture then the great news is that it requires virtually no maintenance and good quality rattan is extremely weatherproof and can be left outside all year round, no matter the weather.

Aluminium garden furniture is very similar and can also be left outside all year round. Wood, however, really requires storing for the winter months and so our tips below will not apply to this furniture. If you have wooden or plastic garden furniture, we recommend storing indoors in a dry sheltered area and returning it to the garden in the spring.

Fabric garden furniture is a unique furniture that can be left outdoors but may require some maintenance at the end of it. This could include washing away any stains that the winter weather has produced or leaving in the sun to dry out any excessive rainwater.

Good quality rattan is extremely

weatherproof and can be left

outside all year round

Cover Your Furniture

For rattan and aluminium garden furniture, the best way to keep your furniture ready to go in the spring/summer is to cover it with a weather-resistant cover. This will protect your furniture not only from the cold and damp which can ultimately harm garden furniture if exposed for too long, but will also protect it from falling leaves, stains from snow and frost, and other potential elemental damage.

However, you must remove all cushions and store these indoors before attaching your cover. Many garden furniture covers are not breathable, and this could mean that if you do leave your cushions underneath they will go mouldy. If you don’t want to leave the cushions unprotected or scattered, a cushion storage bag is ideal to keep these in one place such as a shed or garage.

For fabric furniture, we would never recommend you cover this for the same reason as the cushions mentioned above. Whilst with fabric furniture you would be able to remove the stains with washing this is a lot of hassle you do not need especially when the furniture does not require a cover.

An Outdoor Shelter

The perfect way to protect your garden furniture and ensure you can still use it is with an aluminium pergola. These great designs have closing roofs which allows you to shelter your furniture from the elements without having to store it or attach a cover – extra perfect for fabric furniture which you shouldn’t attach a cover too.

This should help keep your furniture dry as well as sheltered from the wind and other winter wonders. The great thing about an aluminium pergola is that it too is weather-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about that element of your garden either. Plus, it allows you to continue to use the garden in a sheltered fashion throughout the winter.

If you’re using your furniture throughout the winter, it will gather less dust and unseen dirt which will also help to keep it looking its best.


If you need any help choosing your garden furniture or more top tips for protecting your furniture, we recommend visiting one of our showrooms.