Living in the city has its perks such as the nightlife, the interesting places to visit, ease of access and being in the epicentre of everything and anything. While there’s so much to do, there’s often little time to relax. Gardens aren’t usually associated with cities, and if you’re lucky enough to have one, it’s typically small, narrow, or square shaped.

Regardless of the space you have, you can transform your outdoor area into a sanctuary. By creating a space in your garden where you can relax and enjoy the outdoors, it means you can get the best of both worlds, and at White Stores we have everything needed to turn your garden into a peaceful retreat amongst city streets.

Compact And Suitable

Having a limited space outdoors shouldn’t prevent you from making the most of it. Not every garden can fit luxurious dining sets or corner sofas, so that’s why we’ve created our cube sets.

From the Classic range comes the Celia collection. This versatile set is a great option for a city space as it gives you everything you need, alongside getting your money’s worth with its high quality. The cubed seating has soft, padded cushions which you can easily sink into, and you’ll notice how undeniably comfortable they are as you tuck into food, have a glass of wine or chat with your guests well into the night.

The set comes with footstools, which can be used as extra seating. An added bonus is both the cube seats and footstools tuck away under the high-quality, woven rattan table, saving space when not in use.

We also have an aluminium cube set, with the Adria range featuring a distinctive and effortlessly modern design. It’s AkzoNobel powder coating means it’s weatherproof, so it’ll last no matter the weather. These sets come with a parasol hole, too, so why not pair it with our aluminium Antigua parasol range?

These crank and tilt parasols will fit nicely and give you the protection needed to enjoy your garden in the summer. You and your family will be protected from harmful UV rays, and the parasol’s specially treated PA coated canopy is resistant to sun bleaching and fading, giving it longevity.

The canopy is also removable and washable, which is ideal when outside in a city, as it’ll naturally collect dust and dirt from air pollution.

Saying that city life

can be stressful

is an understatement.

Peace And Quiet

Saying that city life can be stressful is an understatement. From morning until evening, there’s the feeling of always being on the go, from the rush of people to the sounds of cars and trains to bright city lights. Even if you enjoy the hustle and bustle, everyone needs a place to unwind.

That’s why our range of water features are an excellent choice for promoting a sense of calm, especially after a busy day at work. It’s been proven that the sounds of water can reduce stress, and water features themselves can help eliminate noise pollution.

They also promote wildlife, by helping to maintain a natural ecosystem. It’ll attract birds, bees, and other bugs, and they’re even suitable for pets. Water features can bring a slice of the natural world to your outdoor space, so your garden won’t be another concrete jungle.

For a city garden, consider the Edge or Nouveau collections as their modern, elegant designs will function as a focal point, no matter the size of your space.

If you’d like to add more greenery, then explore our aluminium planters which are wonderful for bringing your space to life, and they’re a fantastic way to display plants while maintaining a chic look. If you don’t have a garden, then these will still look nice on a balcony.

Lounging Around

The possibilities for a smaller space don’t stop there, as we have lounge sets, too. These sets were made for kicking back and relaxing, as they feature reclining backs and comfy cushioning. The Skylar collection is a fantastic example of how lush and inviting our lounge sets are.

Its two distinct, reclining armchairs are generously padded and come with two footstools, and a coffee table. From its features to it weave, its apparent this collection is great for putting your feet up after a long day.

If lounging isn’t for you, and you’re more the type to use your garden for say, sunbathing, then we have a wide range of sun loungers that’ll fit a city space. With the choice of having a rattan, aluminium, or fabric sun lounger, you can lay back in style.

For limited spaces, consider the San Marino collection, as you can have the option of having a singular lounger, or a set. If you want a more traditional lounger set with a modern twist, then our Milano range is just for you.

Its textilene material is breathable, meaning you won’t stick while you’re basking in the sun. And if you want a sun lounger that’s prepared for not only the soaring heat, but a summer shower, then our Sunbrella fabric loungers are the choice to make.

Their water repellent and quick-dry foam make them a solid choice, especially as they’re protected against spillages (providing you clean the spill quickly). The Sunny and Serenity collections would suit a smaller space best, with neither lounger compromising on quality.

After reading this blog, hopefully you’ll realise you’re only a garden furniture set away from creating the best outdoor city space. Visit one of our showrooms or our website today.